dual apps

  1. Blltz

    Bootloop after using Dual Apps

    I've been using MIUI 14 Stable for months and didn't have any major problem until I tried using Dual Apps and it cause the device to bootloop ASAP. After some researching I found that dual apps might be the issue so I try to remove it with TWRP recovery since I can't just remove dual apps with...
  2. S

    New Xiaomi 13 ultra HyperOS dual apps

    after dual intagram app was created i'd two new icons on desktop: dual play store and dual instagram. But when i try to launch one of it i've got an error: "Can't start launcher"
  3. B

    Xiaomi 12 MIUI 14 Dual Apps missing

    I bought a Xiaomi 12 with MIUI 14 and I'm trying to get dual apps but I cannot get it. Tried to change region but no luck. Any suggestions to get dual apps?
  4. A

    How to move / migrate dual WhatsApp from Samsung to Xiaomi?

    Hello! I want to transfer two WhatsApp accounts (personal and work – each tied to a separate phone number) from my old Samsung S9 to the new Xiaomi 12 (MIUI 13) along with backed up chats and media. Samsung had the Dual Messengers feature which worked great. With the first account, the...
  5. I

    New Dual apps feature not showing

    Hi everyone! I have a redmi note 8 (2021) running on miui global 12.5.5 ( stable ) and the dual app feature doesnt show up in my settings. Here is a screenshot of what i Can see when i tap " apps " in my settings ( it is written in french tho ) Do you guys have any idea why ? Thx for your help
  6. I

    Dual apps image folder

    I use dual apps (Twitter) and saved a photo from Twitter. I can find the photo anywhere and it seems the gallery is some how separated between dual apps and regular apps. Where can I find the photo I saved from dual apps (Twitter)?
  7. G

    Weird Whatsapp clone bug with uploading pictures

    I just got through setting up my new Mi 11 Lite, and I'm having a weird issue with the clone copy of Whatsapp. Whenever I try to upload a photo, the upload prompt only shows images that have been originally sent withing Whatsapp, and pictures I have just taken aren't showing up. Permissions...
  8. Montaser

    dual appsbugs

    When dual apps are running, all apps are not running and when you open them they close automatically miui eu staple
  9. C

    Mi 10 Pro CMI ~ Dual app

    Hi Everyone, both my wife and me using Mi 10 pro. My using MIUI 12.2.1 Eu ROM while my wife device using MIUI 12.2.1 Global ROM. My EU ROM Still facing DUAL APP BUG. Storage issue still appear app will close immediately etc. Meanwhile, my wife device with GLOBAL ROM totally NO ISSUE ON DUAL...
  10. I

    New [MI 10 Ultra] Dual Apps cannot be turned on (NOT A BUG OF XIAOMI.EU BUILD)

    The internal storage will not be available when Dual Apps function is turned on. The symptoms are: Camera asks to insert SD card when shooting videos Camera FC when reviewing the shot photos File Manager FC, toasting disconnected MIUI Home FC when -1 screen is set to Personal Assistant MI Video...
  11. Y

    Purchases in Dual Apps

    Hello community, I've noticed that the option for in app purchases in duplicated apps is not available. Is there any way of enabling in app purchases in those apps ?
  12. AsadP

    Do Not Create Dual Apps With A Third-party Launcher!

    Hello all! I have a Mi5S Plus running the Xiaomi.eu ROM 7.1.12. I use a secondary launcher - CM13's Trebuchet - if you create a dual app, it will make your apps disappear. The reason I feel it does this is because MIUI supports the majority of the features on the system, the third-party...