1. 2

    Did I brick my Mi11 Ultra?

    Hi everyone, I have the bad feeling that I bricked my phone. Hopefully this is not the case and someone is able to help out with some tips. I factory reseted my Mi11 Ultra which was running the latest MIUI 14 stable. After I've done that, I recognized that all data was still there but I wanted...
  2. E

    POCO X4 Pro 5G Error with the google message, contacts and phone apps with the rom

    I install the rom and I set the google message, contacts and phone apps as default, when I want to make a call the google app closes and the xiaomi app opens, and when I want to send a text message it tells me that Please try again later. Does this happen to anyone else?
  3. A

    Error 1 while install zip miui rom

    I tried to unstall zip miui 13 and TWRP shows Error 1 i dont know what to do because my orginal firmware has deleted my phone is redmi note 11
  4. J

    Help with twrp

    When trying to install twrp on my little bit of me it shows that there is no file or address, I already added the twrp.img file to the Android Tools and also to the device storage and I already unlocked the bootloader and activated usb debugging and I already did everything with Android tools...
  5. K

    How to Flash ROM from China ROM in Mi CC9

    Hello dears, I have bought Mi CC9 and I wish to flash EU ROM as I want to use Google Services and call recording features. But I don't know how-to as I am newbie to flash. And are there any errors or problems used to be in flashing TWRP and EU ROM? And also errors in MIUI EU ROM...
  6. J

    New Mi 8 LITE Snapchat Not Working Stable

    Hello, I'm Burak. I'm a Mi 8 LITE user, snapchat stays on splash screen, yellow logo appears, nothing happens. I reset the data from the settings, then I use it normally for a while. Sometimes, while watching snap, it closes as soon as I open it and I have to reset it again. Sometimes the phone...
  7. C

    New Erro get0rder 20003

    Hi, Sorry when i try to download a font from themes this error appear. I'm on last weekly for poco f3/redmi k40/mi 11x
  8. Y

    MI 11 lite 5g bricked in EDL with problem in mi flash

    Hello, this is my first post. Correct me if im posting wrong, but i have a problem. Yesterday I bricked my mi 11 lite 5g while flashing new stock rom with mi flash (the cable got disconnected). I had already unlocked the device, I have a mi account and I managed to put the device in EDL mode...
  9. W

    Question about an error during after installing Xiaomi EU ROM via TWRP

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi POCO F3 (alioth). Today, I've installed latest xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK40_POCOF3_V12.5.18.0.RKHCNXM_v12-11 via latest TWRP 3.6.0. Before the installation, I've also used an option "Format Data" in the Advanced tab of TWRP. However, at the end of the installation, I've got...
  10. D

    pokemón Masters EX Does not start

    As the title says, when trying to start the game downloaded from Google play, it does not start, which was not the case with the official ROM of the phone. Any suggestion?. Sorry English is not my native language.
  11. K

    Help Mijia 1c said to clean obstacle sensor.... But..

    Hi guys I was using the 1c robot vacuum for about 5 months, it's a global version. Never had any problems before today. Today, all of a sudden, the robot decides to ask me to 'wipe the sensors', but the problem is, the sensor was clean, I often clean them once a week. And its won't move or...
  12. Bisona

    MD5 Sum doesn't match (Installing miui 14)

    When I'm trying to install MIUI via an OTA Update, I get the error " MD5 Sum doesn't match...". I deleted all previous zips installed for previous miui versions, but I still get the same error. What should I do?
  13. G

    New My phone this morning as every morning started to ring the alarm

    When I turned off the alarm the phone suddenly shutdown and then when i tried to turn on it keep forever where it shows you the miui letters i have a xiaomi mi 10. How can i solve? only formating and reinstalling? I have the stable version and im having many problems it blocks very often and...
  14. D

    New sound error, mic error - K30 Pro

    Has anyone had a situation like this yet: Dial *#*#6484#*#* Receiver and Speaker Test or any Sound Test => inactive 1: Speakerphone is not working 2: Speaker used to listen to calls does not work 3: There is no sound when using wired and wireless headphones 4: The recording software is not...
  15. G

    Installed xiaomi eu 12.2.7 a weeks ago and today i made the reboot to update to 12.2.8

    But it gets me to fastboot all the time and if i flash the twrp and try get into recovery only boot into fastboot and if it make it boot to system dont work its bricked but i achieved to boot using fastboot boot twrp.img and then click on reboot system and it works so I cant update and if i...
  16. M

    Can't unlock phone since the system update

    Hi, I am not tech savvy and I am going crazy, I do not know what to do, I received a notification that my phone had MIUI update ready, I accepted the restart for the update and since it completed my phone won't unlock, as soon as I enter my lock-screen code the screen goes black and shows the...
  17. C

    Invalid Problem with gyro and proximity sensors when installing on my 9T

    About 3 days ago I installed (11.0.6), and today I realized that I had removed the gyroscope and proximity sensors or at least it did not detect me, since I installed an application and none of the previous 2 recognize me , I realized when I wanted to watch a video on YouTube, when I...
  18. C

    Instalé MIUI 11 mi 9T y eliminó los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad

    Hace unos 3 días instalé, y hoy me di cuenta, que había eliminado los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad o al menos no me detecta, ya que instalé una aplicación y no me reconoce ninguno de los 2 anteriores, me di cuenta cuando quería ver un vídeo en Youtube, cuando quería salir de un...
  19. M

    adb sideload error

    Hello, this has nothing to do with Xiaomi, but does anyone know how to fix that problem? Problem: When I try to adb sideload .zip files to my Mi 9 an error occures ( cannot read <> ) Normally everything works fine... I didn´t find any working solution. This error occured when i...
  20. P

    Mi Robot Vacuum firmware update error

    Hi, so today our dear vacuum robot decided that he want to update it's firmware to 3.3.9_003452 from 3.3.9_0031070 and wont be usable without updating it, as you can choose only Quit or Update... I tried switching to China server, updating Xiaomi Home app to 5.6.70 (from 5.6.60), reseting wifi...