1. F

    New 2 Errors on the xiaomi mi 6x

    1 Do not disturb option, I keep receiving floating notifications (see photo 1). 2 This error was reported to me by a friend; it is not possible to edit this part of the system, changing the place where each one of these options is (see photo 2).
  2. A

    Erro no whatsapp, está fechando. Última versão da Miui 11 Beta

    O whatsapp está com erros, o app fecha sozinho. E da uma msg de erro.
  3. B

    9.9.3 and 9.9.27 Captive WiFi ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Hi, maybe someone can give me a hint to solve my problem. Since I updated to 9.9.27 and later on to 9.9.3 on my Xiaomi Mi Mix2s I can't connect anymore to WiFi's that have a Captive Portal in between before you're finally connected to the internet. (Hotels, Public Wifi's etc..). The strange...
  4. U

    New MIUI10 - Mi8 - unknown ARCore error (FatalException)

    I tried using the Google Measure app but after starting the app I got the following error: unknown ARCore error (FatalException) I'm using PEACNXM (stable) ARCore seems not to work in other apps too. (for example the new wizards unite game)
  5. U

    Mi 8 - unknown ARCore error (FatalException)

    Hi, I tried using the Google Measure app but after starting the app I got the following error: unknown ARCore error (FatalException) I'm using PEACNXM (stable) I read here in the forum that it is/was related to a wring device name in some file. But those were old threads. So I...
  6. E

    New Xiaomi Mail

    I deactivated the app because it didnt use it, it was unnecessary for me, since then from time to time I receive an error notification of that app, here you have the log:
  7. sudarshaana

    Invalid Update Process ended with Error: 7 (Mi 5x)

    Hi, I am trying to install 8.12.6 miui v10, android 8.1. But it returns with error code 7. I'm using mi5x rom. The full error picture is attached below.
  8. M

    New Redmi 6 cereus, ROM has errors in update-script file

    Hey guys, just to let you know, i've tried several versions of your roms for Redmi 6 (HM6_cereus). and they cant be flashed because of "ERROR 6". looks like there are a couple of stray brackets and comma's in the script that need removing... ive fixed it for myself but yours need fixing...
  9. Daenjel

    Volume Up Button Doesn't Work Properly

    Hi, can someone help me with this issue on my device? The volume up button doesn't work on the system, it just stopped working one day and i thought it was a hardware problem, so, i made the hardware test from Miui and its all okey, but when i press the button doesnt volume up, what can it be...
  10. B

    Xiaomi Redmi Pro Lockscreen Code Not Working

    Hi, My Xiaomi Redmi Pro is not working, I need to give my passcode on the lockscreen to get in my phone but for some reason it doesn't work even though it is the right code, I tried a few times and not it's locked for 120 minutes... I don't want to lose all my pictures and stuff... is there a...
  11. A

    Copying Twrp Backup To My Computer

    Hi, i just want to ask if you cant copy your TWRP Backup from your phone to your computer? I am facing this problem i want to free up the space of my Mi5. I dont know why i cant copy/transfer twrp backup. can someone now how to fix this? pls need help. thanks! here's the error...
  12. Tommit

    Max 2 Freezes And Android System Errors

    I just received a Xiaomi Max 2 from ********** and I live in Spain. The cell phone gives constant system errors, to which I send the reports. Also using any keyboard freeze for several seconds and then write what you want. Background processes are usually stopped. I guess it will be a problem...
  13. P

    Wifi Problems! Help

    Hey, so recently I decided to update from 5.1.1 to android 7. It was very stressful process and it took me a long time to do it because I am real noob in mobile things. so I updated to MIUI 8.3. everything looked fine but then I noticed that my Wifi keeps on disconnecting like every 15 seconds...
  14. S

    How To Solve Find Device Storage Corrupted & Couldn't Add Fingerprint In Redmi Note 4x

    Hello Everyone, ** I am writing my problem in details if that help you to diagnose my problem, and sorry if my English is not good enough.. I Purchased Redmi Note 4X around two weeks ago. Unfortunately, my device got stolen one week ago, and with the help of MI Cloud, I was able to get it...
  15. Y

    [help] Flash Rom To Xiaomi Mi2

    Currently I'm using my MiNote but yesterday I searched for my old Mi2 in order to bring it back to life. Because to a softbrick I had to flash the following fastboot ROM aries_images_7.3.9_20170309.0000.00_5.0_cn_2b490c6346 via the command prompt and I could successfully install the ROM and...
  16. Infested79517

    Mi4 Wcdma Google Chrome Crash

    Good day! Xiaomi Mi4 WCDMA 16Gb Firmware: Stable (MXDCNDL) by I have this issue for a long time (more than half-year). Google Chrome crashes periodically without any error or report. It just drops to desktop (as if I press home button) and I need to start it again and load the...
  17. B

    "couldn't Check Device Security Info, An Error Occurred"

    I updated my Redmi Note 3 Pro to MiUI8, and when I came across the step to login to my Mi Account it gave me that message (title). I've tried some things from the internet, but it didn't work. Can anyone help me? (I tried to include a screenshot, but it didn't work.)
  18. P

    Note 3 (sd) Doesn't Install Correctly

    Hello, everybody! I just tried to install latest weekly ROM on redmi note 3 (kenzo) with 3GB ram. Installed from TWRP. Rom installed and booted, but when initial setup has started, no wi-fi networks were detected. After finishing the wizard, every time I try to launch settings, it...
  19. B

    New Search - Force Close On My 6.12.8 Sd Kate

    My Device, - Redmi Note 3 SD Kate 32GB/3GB RAM - MIUI 8.2 by 6.12.8 | Beta 1. Swipe down to open the sliding menu 2. Touch on search bar on the top of the sliding menu is causing search force close I'm using Nova Prime as Launcher - I hope this isn't the root cause.
  20. T

    Can't Install Twrp

    Hi guys, I just got my Xiaomi mi5s with a custom ******* rom so I was trying to install the latest ROM from this site. I already unlocked the bootloader and I was trying to install TWRP but I get this error: c:\ADB>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img target didn't report max-download-size...