1. L

    Xiaomi 13 Pro+ 5G china rom change to Global rom

    Hi friends, I'm planning on buying the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G especially because it has esim capability. I'm looking at the china rom version as it's cheaper here in the Philippines. Is it possible to change the rom to Global version and would esim still work in Philippines or in any...
  2. M

    esim redmi note 13 pro 5g 2312DRA50G

    Hello. i have redmi note 13 pro 5g global version (2312DRA50G) in the box ticket it shows an SN, IMEI1, IMEI2 + EID number which is 32 number chars in cellular settings i don't see add "use esim" option in settings or anything related to esim like shown in this video for note 13 pro+ 5g i...
  3. Borg666

    Does Xiaomi 14 (Houji) Global/EEA supports dual eSIM?

    Hi folks, after re-enabling eSIM function on my EEA device by applying the "Global Modem patch" (which btw, can easily be updated to most recent Global/EEA baseband versions DIY, by replacing modem.img + modemfirmware.img by the latest ones found here), I was wondering if the XM14 is capable of...
  4. thyrel

    MI 13 Ultra Global, eSIM?

    Hi! Does the global version of 13U support eSIM? It is present on the 13 Pro so it seems super weird that the Ultra doesn't have it.
  5. J

    Xiaomi 13 Pro esim functionality

    Hi curious if 13 pro purchased from china rom (model) and converted to eu can support traditional esim if the region is changed to Europe in additional settings? I've heard that global rom converted to eu rom works but unsure about cn rom converted to eu rom. Thanks!
  6. P

    Using The E-sim

    Hey guys, the Mi5 has an esim card and in the official firmware is an app where i can buy dataplans for the phone. Is there a way to use the esim card with the rom? Greez