1. A

    EU Rom System Apps Uptade

    Dear EU Rom developers, can you share the system applications in EU Rom as apk? There will be no software updates for the devices after some point. Can you do something like this to keep the applications updated?
  2. N

    K30 Pro Zoom flash K30 pro Rom

    Hi all, I am using K30 pro Zoom edition. Can't find any Rom specific for K30 pro Zoom edition. Is it possible to flash the K30 pro Rom on to my K30 Pro Zoom edition? Should I use the TWRP for K30 Pro or there is another TWRP for Zoom edition? Thanks in advance!
  3. D

    mi8 have a chance Android 11 for rom eu

    i know that mi8 may not be used Android 11 but i want to know that in rom eu The opportunity has been used for a chance Android11 (for the kind developers)
  4. I

    Questions before installing xiaomi eu Rom

    Hello about to install xiami eu rom to Redmi k30 5g china rom. thanks in advance. 1) when installing xiaomi eu rom do I need to install global rom first . i presume not. 2) I understand that google pay won't work without magisk installed. My question is will banking apps and tap and...
  5. Z

    Mi 10 pro Error installing EU ROM.

    I download EU rom for mi 10 pro cmi.I installed from twrp.after installing it not boot to logo.It automatically boot to recovery can I fix it.
  6. PaboJack

    MI 10 Ultra EU ROM STABLE V12.0.10.0.QJJCNXM issues

    Hi all, i am using Mi 10 Ultra with EU rom stable. I found couple of problem: 1. Super wallpaper unable to load earth and mars. When i select other wallpaper, it will load for a long time and fail eventually. 2. Game Turbo GPU Driver Updater cannot be pressed, and it is different from what...
  7. Jedrick Constantino

    We need beta update for POCO F1 atleast ported from Mi 8 beta roms.

    Mi 8 is higher compatibility with POCO F1 i have sample of EU rom ported from mi 8 with almost zero bugs. i saw from Telegram Group.
  8. V

    China ROM to EU

    Hi. I'm currently in china rom and wanted to switch to EU. May I ask what are the steps please. Do I have to flash global first then EU? Or can I directly flash EU from china? Steps please cause I don't know any of these
  9. J

    EU rom xiaomi mi 9

    Hi guys, Is there any news on when the EU rom for the mi9 wil be available? Cheers, Jesse
  10. andresmirza

    Why not interested in Mi Pad 3?

    I think we are the majority using mi pad 3. I'm calling the technical team here. Why don't you update this device anymore? It was the rare rom eu that I could use the Turkish language. Please support now. Authorized person want to reach. I'm telling you now, don't tell me about Miuit.
  11. Y

    Question about rollback

    I have a mi max 3 with the global version I have tried to known, if my rom have antirollback but when i put the command fastboot getvar anti, with the phone unlock and in fastmode, the phone make a reboot and i can not know anything. I would like to know if i have it, to...
  12. D

    Sometime Can't Unlock The Lockscreen

    Hello everyone I got Mi4c 3GB version for a couple moth. it's come with eu rom 8.0.4 At first everything go fine. all start in last week when i not use phone for hour and wake it from sleep. I can't unlock the lockscreen with same finger that double tap to wake its. Need to use finger from...
  13. V

    Miui Eu Rom For Redmi 4 Pro?

    Good day, I am new to the forum so please excuse me if I am making an error. I would like to load another ROM on my Redmi 4 Prime/Pro since the Chinese MIUI8 doesnt have native Google Play support and has loads of Chinese bloatware and apps. Please let me know if the EU ROM works on this...