Sometime Can't Unlock The Lockscreen


Nov 24, 2016
Hello everyone

I got Mi4c 3GB version for a couple moth. it's come with eu rom 8.0.4
At first everything go fine. all start in last week when i not use phone for hour and wake it from sleep.
I can't unlock the lockscreen with same finger that double tap to wake its.
Need to use finger from another hand.
Except this issue the screen responsive normally in everyday use.

This issue don't come up if it's not sleep more than hour.

Here is my try to solve this issue
  1. update to latest eu rom 8.1.1
  2. use stock lockscreen wallpaper (i found on google that some theme not compatible with rom and when this happen you can't unlock the lockscreen. I assume this to wallpapaer)
  3. use stock lockscreen and stock miui launcher (i use SS launcher instead stock miui launcher)
  4. disable double tab to wake.
All above can't solve this issue. It's always comeback if phone sleep more than hour.

Anyone facing this issue?
Help or suggestion would be appreciate.