european rom

  1. I

    EUSF to IN rom

    can I relock the bootloader after I flash the rom or it will be bricked
  2. N

    Xiaomi Mi 11 pro suddenly rebooting

    I started to observe some suddenly rebooting. On Europe stable ROM latest version. Does anyone else having this issue.
  3. Nicro

    Could there be a noGAPPS version?

    Heya everyone, This is my first Xiaomi device so I'm new to the ecosystem. I was looking into getting a rom without google services for FOSS and privacy's sake. The Chinese rom comes without google apps and gets patched here to include them again. Where in the process does that happen and...
  4. S

    New [20.11.18] [MI 10 Pro] Clone app and hiding app and... clone cannot access local files 2.Unable to access hidden apps by stretching your finger on the screen 3.Facebook massage app cannot display floating on the screen ** This problem has been in many versions before
  5. T

    Redmi 4 Pro/prime Help

    Hello,i'm little newbie with the xiaomi. I bought a xiaomi redmi 4 pro with official rom and i want an internation Rom STABLE, possibly with italian language...I wanna put in too root and xposed. Can anybody give me links to downlaod all and instructions please??
  6. V

    Miui Eu Rom For Redmi 4 Pro?

    Good day, I am new to the forum so please excuse me if I am making an error. I would like to load another ROM on my Redmi 4 Prime/Pro since the Chinese MIUI8 doesnt have native Google Play support and has loads of Chinese bloatware and apps. Please let me know if the EU ROM works on this...
  7. N

    Mi2s Reports Not Enough Storage, 23gb Available?

    hi, Always been updating this phone with official updates, however since 3/4 year having difficulties with the phone like many chinese apps, messages popping up in chinese (also during whats app , facebook), google play stopped working (reinstalled now, but every update is stating not enough...