factory reset

  1. P

    Mi Mop P delete map?

    Hi, I recently bought Xiaomi Mi Mop P vacuum appliance. It's EU version so still on 3.5.3_0017 firmware version which doesn't support multiple rooms (thank you Xiaomi :emoji_thumbsdown:). So when I first set it up I tested it in my dinning room which is connected with kitchen. I hade save map...
  2. amalka.ari

    Advice on resetting Xiaomi.EU

    Hi everyone, I'm using Xiaomi Mi9T Pro with OrangeFox custom recovery and Xiaomi.EU 12.5.4 custom rom. Android 11 and MIUI 12.5 came in a single update and it definitely isn't as smooth as Android 10/MIUI 12.0.x.x. I think a factory reset might smooth things out (as recommended by other Xioami...
  3. P

    Factory reset and get TWRP

    Hi, I'm trying to do a factory reset from miui (EU rom) and when I restart the phone I get TWRP. I want to delete all apps and clean my phone... How can I do the factory reset? Thanks.
  4. R

    How to do a clean flash?

    Hi everyone, I have a mi 9 and I want to clean flash the stable miui 11 ROM. I have read on multiple sites about how to do this but they said different things: - One site said to do a factory reset (but I remove my zip files as well?) - Another site said to just wipe my dalvik/cache/data -...
  5. Byness

    [Mi8 SE][Help]Dont accept most fastboot commands

    Hi my name is Ricardo as this is my "story" i have a mi8 se with latest 10.3 stable rom from Xiaomi.eu, and since i installed that rom version, my twrp( that i dont remember the version) stopped working, recovery mode just get stuck um the mi logo and says above " unlocked", but thats not the...
  6. F

    How to reset phone to factory condition?

    I know it's a simple question but I'm afraid of damaging the system if I do it from backup and reset settings or twrp. I have xiaomi eu 8.12.27. Thanks and sorry for the English
  7. T

    Bluetooth Headset Buttons Malfunction

    For the first few months, bluetooth headsets and car bluetooth worked fine with my mi5 Prime (3 GB/64 GB). Then forward, back and pause stopped working, but volume up/down were OK. In Additional Settings/Headphone remote buttons, I've toggled back and forth between 'Control volume level' and...