1. Shizaru

    How to change the color of the clock on the lockscreen?

    I decided to put a light wallpaper on the lockscreen and faced the fact that the interface adapts, but the clock does not. They remain white no matter what, the second screenshot put the wallpaper slightly gray to make it clear that the clock is still in place. Can this be fixed somehow? Or...
  2. ezzfr

    Just flashed but i have a few questions.

    1) What's the closest font to the global font in the theme shop? 2) Can i fix the outdated icons without root? apps like steam, messenger and facebook have very outdated icons 3) i have some bugs in dark mode which i will mention in the pictures bellow is there any way to fix them?
  3. N

    Can you help me find this font

    I just updated to Miui 13 and i hate this new font and i cant find the old one
  4. U

    Font change!!!

    Hi friends! I've got a question. How can i change custom font's weight and size in miui 12?
  5. K


    I got font from latest miui 12 and this font have cyrillic layout to. Please add toggle switch for this font or set that like default. Version of font 1.41. </3
  6. J

    (Solved) Is there a way to change Second space text/font size without affecting First space?

    Would be useful for people with different eyesight and preferences using the same phone. Edit: Found out that you could just use a text size changer app from the play store for the space you want to change the size of. XP
  7. SirKekSias

    Invalid 9.9.27 Mi8: Czech language shows smaller clock in status bar than other languages

    Device: Mi 8 MIUI: 9.9.27 v2 Czech language shows smaller/thinner clock than other languages (e.g. English UK). The main problem is that it is harder to read when used outside in bright sun and as I am wearing glasses too the clock is almost unreadable in these conditions (the font thickness is...
  8. SirKekSias

    New Clock font is not bold in certain languages

    Device: Mi 8 Build: Beta 9.9.3 This bug/error appears only in status bar, I didn't notice it anywhere else. All languages show bold font in clock except these 3 languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish. It looks very odd and harder to see. For better details see attached screenshots.
  9. D

    Fonts Clock

    Hello, I have a question, because the font of the clock in xiaomi eu is not bold and it seems different from the Chinese and global. I'm using the default theme. EU GLOBAL / CHINA
  10. M

    Font Verticale Clock

    Someone can help and tell me what the fonts are in the Vertical Clock of the unlock screen Redmi 5 Plus ?
  11. dushan135

    Peace font in theme

    I want to download peace font that designed by Aafont. I am using that as my default font in theme. I googled it and no luck. Can anyone know the path to get the font from device or please give me a link to download. Thank you
  12. Nixon_Kyaw

    Why Myanmar Unicode Fonts Has Been Deleted In Eu Rom Though Include In Miui China And Global Rom?

    In MIUI EU ROM,Myanmar Unicode fonts has been deleted. They are included in Original MIUIs. I am a Myanmar. After flashing an EU Rom, I have to copy,paste Notosans Myanmar ttf to system/fonts/ and change permission and reboot.How difficult :3. It may be solved easily by changing theme fonts, but...