1. P

    Invalid Pocophone Users

    Can we Pocophone users get back our beloved POCO Launcher with working gestures please? Also, in the latest versions I cannot search my apps with the bottom google bar anymore, and it's very frustrating.
  2. panzerbay

    New [REDMI 8][OLIVE][V12.0.1] Gestures not working properly

    I flashed new MIUI 12, but gestures not working properly. It does not detect gestures. (Clean install) Do you need a logcat or something else?
  3. Manutd99

    Full screen gestures animation problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem in full screen navigation gestures animations, the animation of closing app (when you swipe up to go to the home screen and the app join into its icon) i lost this animation in swipe up gesture but its still there when you leave the app with "go back" gesture. i hope...
  4. J

    Are new animations available on Beta 20.3.26?

    I have a Redmi K20 Pro device, which has Miui 11 20.3.26 installed, and I would like to know if the new animations and the iOS style gestures bar at the bottom of the screen are available in this ROM version.
  5. K

    Resolved [SOLVED] Recent apps not showing with gestures while using an app - 9.8.29 - Redmi 5 Plus

    The recent apps or "multi-task" view doesn't come up when I perform the gesture and I'm using an app, no matter how long I hold the view of the current application up, but it works when I'm in the homescreen
  6. L

    How disable vibration

    Hi I have mi5s miui 8.10.25 How I can disable vibration on full screen gestures (go back to previous app)
  7. Yura7

    New "freezes" bugger gesture animations

    Anyone annoyed by the lag animation of the gestures, I suggest everyone to write in the report about this issue, might fix it. Here is an example: Hi, buggy, hangs, lags, gesture animations home on Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi s2, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 6 Pro, Mi 6x. Please fix.
  8. M

    Keyboard Annoyances Everywhere?

    Hey guys, which gesture keyboard do you prefer the most? Are you aware of any, which would not suffer the annoyances listed below? Google / AOSP keyboard: Pretty good, although The user has to maintain his personal directory for some not so common languages - so it takes month of typing to...