1. G

    Mi 11 Venus - From Weekly to Stock

    Hi! Nice work with the Xiaomi.EU ROM and loving the quality and the features of the ROM. I have been racking my brain all day trying to figure out how to go back to Stock firmware on my device because I have gotten the infamous broken camera sensor so I cant take any pictures at x1 zoom and up...
  2. D

    New Dual app not showing Facebook and Instagram

    I have a Xiaomi 11T Pro (MIUI 12.5.6) (Android 11 RKQ1) and I can't use the dual app on facebook and instagram.I also can't give them permissions. What to do?
  3. L

    Xiaomi 12s pro

    Hey there, first time joining this website. Just got my 12s pro (china rom) today. Just wondering if anyone has used eu rom for 12s pro and could share their experience. Also, if wear os and google wallet work well with this rom cause it seems like g wallet on wear os in china rom is unusable...
  4. A

    i need help

    apps running in the background are closed or restarted. In the style applications: Whatsapp or Discord, when I am on a call and I open a Minecraft-style application, the call is cut off. I don't know if it's something from the rom or some configuration but I need answers:( HELP:,(
  5. B

    Mi 10T lite Microphone doesn't work

    My Xiaomi 10T Lite recently stopped picking up sound from it's microphone. It does recognize the app using the mic, but it doesn't pick up any sound/noise. (Android 13) Anyone knows a fix?
  6. S

    [HELP] Updating Poco F3 freezes mid update

    So it started flashing this uefisecapp_a thing and then decided not to, and is frozen/stuck there. Is it safe to close and restart? do I wait? what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated (it's been "sending" for the past few minutes)
  7. F

    Australian Warranty/Moderator Contact

    I've got a Mi 11 Ultra that I've purchased from an online store in Australia. The phone has worked fine since I received it December 2021. Somewhere along the lines of the USB connection there is a hardware fault. The device no longer turbo charges or fast charges. The fastest speed with the...
  8. M

    I’ve locked my phone - help

    Hello. I’m looking for some help as MI tech support aren’t doing much supporting. I sold my Mi 11 and went to do a reset. Despite knowing my account password, it refused to accept it. I should have just stopped there but of course I didn’t… I googled it and did the push lots of buttons...
  9. E

    How to go back to Android File instead of Mi Explorer ? (Urgent)

    Hi ! Since 1-2 months, whenever I try to upload a picture (for example on social media, an email or a website), it's the Mi explorer that automatically opens. Usually, it would have been the app called File that opens, which I find extremely easy and intuitive and give access to clouds, but I...
  10. B

    My Phone is DEAD (MI 10T LITE)

    Hi, my phone started crashing and restarting on it's own a week ago, then it just stopped doing that until today, when it started to do the same thing again till the moment where it just turned of by itself. After that I tried to charge it, to press the power button for more than 1 min, and even...
  11. LikMaw

    Invalid [Solved] Random reboots on Mi10T (k30S ultra) MIUI 13.0.1

    Hey everybody. I have a mi10T (Redmi k30S Ultra) device with the latest MIUI13 ROM by I've been suffering random reboots (some of them lead me to the recovery mode) without any reason. Does somebody know what to do to solve this issue?
  12. L

    New 'Unknown number' for every incoming call on my POCO F3 running MIUI 12.6 .EU ROM

    Hello all, Recently, I've changed from the global ROM to an .EU ROM on my POCO F3 (alioth) as I heard that it was a much improved version of MIUI. The ROM I'm using currently is MIUI 12.6 by Xiaomi EU 21.12.8 Beta on Android 12. And though it truly is much lighter with no useless bloats...
  13. icemint.asa

    MIUI Theme Name Question

    Does anyone know the name for this icon (Safety & emergency)? I can't find it anywhere in the res folders of the apks I unpacked and decompiled. I also haven't found any themes that change it. I thank you for any help in advance.
  14. Slaay

    Missing translation in 'Telefoon' app

    I've update my phone Poco F3 to the latest ROM 12.5.19. Badly enough there are a lot of translations missing like when you dial a phone number. It presents English instead of Dutch. The translations which are missing now were already missing before updating my phone. The latest thread...
  15. SLDDL

    looking for old fastboot and recovery stock images

    i sent my phone to repair and when i got it back it was reset to stock rom and had an updated fastboot / recovery but it's weird, like i cant flash to recovery anymore the partition doesn't exist fastboot doesnt want to flash patched boot for magisk and stuff mi11
  16. VeryGooDiS

    Help me deal with phone updates

    Good day community. Sorry if my text contains errors due to the automatic translator. I bought a phone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (12/256) with your MIUI "MIUI 12.6 by 21.9.1 Beta" (initially there was a Chinese version as far as I understand), Android 11. Code name "Star". And I faced the...
  17. LikMaw

    (MI10T) Can't save TWRP, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to install this ROM for two days but I've founded some problems in my way. I can install TWRP on my phone through fastboot and it it boots, but when I enter the system and then try to get into recovery another time, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery. Why does...
  18. LikMaw

    Stucked on "Mi" logo loop

    (Xiaomi Mi10T) Hello everybody, first of all, thanks for reading because I'm in serious trouble. It's my first time using custom roms and I'm stucked on the "Mi" logo, It shows for 5 seconds and it restarts all the time. Mi, mi, mi, mi, ... I've tried to unbrick it with XiaoMiTools V2 two times...
  19. LikMaw

    Android 11 to Android 12

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I was wondering if it is necessary to do something when updating from Android 11 to 12. Do I have to do something different or just update normally? Thanks. Edit: I'm on stable
  20. M

    Enable SMS Sync

    Hi guys I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse) and I'm trying to sync my sms messages with the cloud but I'm getting this error does anyone know how to fix?