1. M

    Problem with root - xiaomi mi 8 EE(ursa)

    I've tried to root my phone using magisk, miui 11(9.12.19 - android 10), but cannot root it. I clicked install and there were 2 options to choose: 1.Downlaod zip only 2.patch boot image file and there was no direct install (recommended) as in android 9. When I tried to root it by adb my phone...
  2. X

    Philips purple color bug

    Hi have a philips TV Inbox keeps showing a purple color Every time I choose rgb 8/10 option, it keeps changing to other options and showing the purple color Impossible to watch tv How can it be fixed? Tried everything
  3. G

    MI8 se 10.3 9.1.17 (weakly) no twrp update help.

    Hi everyone, i didnt update my phone in awhile, and today i was planing to do so. But unfortunately OTA update is not working and apparently i dont have installed TWRP anymore. so my question is, can i just instal TWRP in fastboot and manually update phone to newest version without losing any...
  4. D

    My Redmi 6A brick

    Dear moderators, as well as the community MI I saw a solution to the problem through the program SP_Flash_Tool But in order for me to be given permission to flash the device, I need a service account for authorization. I ask for help from you so that they will authorize me for further device...
  5. jaslq

    What is the essence of this community?

    Hello everyone, please help. I use the phone Xiaomi MI 9 SE. What is the essence of this community? Will these updates ever end? I now have MIUI 11 / 9.12.12 on Android 10. But the stable version is not Andoid 10. I want firmware with the latest updates but without bugs. And I don’t want to crap...
  6. M

    New Security keep crashing

    Just flashed the last stable on mi 8 dipper, but when I try to set any security unlock it crash and I get this I don't have magisk installed java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done(Unknown Source:27) at...
  7. J

    Please help! Xiaomi redmi 6a Hardbrick

    Hi guys, I'm Jenn and this is my first time here. I have a xiaomi redmi 6a and has hardbrick. It doesn't turn on :( Can it be saved? I really appreciate your help, my phone is actually almost new. I only used it for 3 months :( Thanks
  8. claudio0222

    Xiaomi mi 8 se problems

    At the moment of wanting to go to the stable version of miui 11, it rebooted and I stayed on the fastboot screen, the black screen comes out when I want to use miflash or miflashpro, and when I try to use adb I get the following image what is the solution? has a solution? :( thank you very much
  9. K

    MI8 SE stuck in fatboot + mi flash done in 1 sec

    Hello, i've just flash TWRP, and now my phone is stuck in fastboot mode. I've tried to flash the original rom ... but i can't... i get got this errors.. Can you help me? ... kj-sX3KQWf6g612fpBH
  10. TanoLolein

    Delete de Update APP, can't enter the Update in config

    Like the tittle saids i can't enter the miui updater after deleting the app, bad move in my part, anyone knows how to solve this? with and apk or something?
  11. G

    [Help] Miunlock won't detect Mi 8

    I tried to unlock my new mi 8 BC I want to install on my device, but when I follow the steps on the Miunlock page nothing happens I already installed the drivers that comes with the Miunlock folder but nothing happened I got the usb debugging on I also got OEM unlock on I've already...
  12. japancakes

    MMS only working with Xiaomi Messaging -- Google Messages, Textra, etc. cannot send

    Hey there, as the title says, I haven't been able to send MMS messages through any text app except Xiaomi Messaging since version 9.4.18 It seems like Xiaomi Messaging is hijacking the ability or not sharing it with other apps? I've checked my APN settings with my carrier (MetroPCS) and had...
  13. O

    Re-Locking Bootloader is being impossible

    So, I have a Mi8 with the "official Global Stable ROM" and the "MI-Recovery 3.0", but I have the Bootloader locked. OEM is enabled, and I have tried several methods. Mi Flash Tool is working when I select "clean all" option, it flashes normally and works. But whenever I try to lock the...
  14. I

    Is this a factory error?

    This happened me since I first bought the phone. In the 3rd of 4th day. My Xiaomi Mi A2 4/64 GB randomly turns off and then it won't turn on by itself unless you first wait like 5 to 45 minutes. Then you start it. When you try to turn it on it will show you the Android One screen and sometimes...
  15. R

    Any Mi8 SE owner that can Help me Please :)

    Hello, I want to install TWRP to my MI8 SE but I don't know which version should I use. I have tried 3.2.3-1227 but it won't boot to TWRP, just a black screen. Any Tutorial or any recommendations will be appreciated. My device already has a Xiaomi.EU ROM but is very old and very laggy because I...
  16. P

    Xiaomi Mi8 stuck on BootLoop!

    Hi, I got a Mi8 that is stuck on bootloop. I bought the phone on ******* and it came with Chinese rom, so when the global miui eu rom was release I flashed my phone with it and it all went perfectly. I still used it for a while but then I decided to sell the phone as I had gotten a new one...
  17. A

    Como paso de ROM estable a Weekly?

    Buenas, he visto que ''puedo'' actualizar a la rom weekly / stable de miui10 pero no me deja descargarla desde el actualizador y tampoco me deja instalarla desde el movil descargando la rom. Mi version actual es Miui9 - V9.5.10.0 NCHCNFA (Stable) y no se que tengo que hacer o que podria hacer...
  18. T

    New Xiaomi Mi A1 - Brick

    Hi, I was using my Xiamoi Mi A1 as usual, and suddenly everything became laggy and the phone finally shut down. The problem is that it may have rebooted in a special mode as far as the LED blinks when I plug the battery charger. Moreover when I connect the phone to my PC it reads: "qualcomm...
  19. S Rom Weekly Vs Stable

    Can I change the ROM from Weekly to Stable without data lost? Which is better? In Weekly the battery drain quickly. In stable version i will have the "split screen" option and all options from Weekly? Thanks. Sorry for my English, I'm from Republic of Moldova :(