1. Y

    Stuck on bootloop and can't reset because fastboot screen loading forever

    My phone suddenly turned off and whenever I try to turn it on then it just bootloops. I'm trying to get into the fastboot menu but it just loads forever. Can I do something about this?
  2. H

    Xiaomi lock on xiaomi eu mi10t pro rom

    Help, it happened to me when the installation of the rom finished, I have the password and the number that they ask me for, but the problem lies in the fact that the keyboard does not come out so I requested it with an external keyboard, also the device does not connect to WiFi, when I...
  3. N

    I really need some help.

    I'm pretty sure someone else has asked this before, but since I'm showered with anxiety I need some help directly. My phone (Redmi Note 7) has been stuck in a bootloop saying "The system has been destroyed". I tried to flash it but the bootloader is locked. Is there any way I can open it with my...
  4. A

    Help on Redmi 4 China Rom to Global ROM

    Hi all, I've this model inutilized, I've been thinking to gift to some nephew. The problem is that I have the China Rom, so I would like to install the Global rom first and then gift it. I've already unlocked the bootloder, under Mi status it is written "the device is unlocked". I've Installed...
  5. D

    Can't remove google verification after factory reset (Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 NFC)

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 that I cannot reset (they gave it to me and I can't reset and set my accounts, etc.). The problem is that after resetting, it asks me for the previous person's Google account and I can't get it in any way. After reading a lot, I have tried these...
  6. E

    Magisk without Twrp

    What should I do to download Magisk without TWRP to my phone? I have seen tons of different explanations on the internet. I tried it with TWRP before and it was softbricked. Is there a method you can recommend? I want to use the one in this link but how will I check if there is a vbmeta? [URL...
  7. U

    Phone won't boot after changing theme

    I changed to a custom ios theme with the help of this magisk module and after clicking on apply the screen became black. When i try to turn on the phone, after the MI logo it goes into twrp and says "Android rescue party triggered". I don't know what...
  8. E

    Lost hidden album, can't find it

    I have hidden some pictures in a private album with a pattern to lock it, can't seem to find the album, or the pictures. I already cleaned the cache in the gallery app, and deleted all the updates What can I do?
  9. V

    Extreme battery drain after updating.

    Hi yall, does anybody know how to fix this? I run on the POCO X4 PRO 5G, I updated this rom from to and after this update Im facing a huge battery life issue, especially over night where my phone can drain 20% of battery and when I look in the battery...
  10. M

    cant disable google assistant on Power button Poco F5

    I have the Poco F5 pro and a while ago I activated the gesture navigating system and immediately deactivated it. from that moment on, I haven't been able to disable the activation of goggle assistant when pressing and holding the power button. I have tried everything, even deactivating all the...
  11. U

    Why can't I add custom themes?

    I just wanted to install Pixel Ultra theme... but I can't because of this frickin rom which is called miui. Some poeple may ask why didn't I just install PixelExperience... well its because mobile data works only when i have miui. So can anyone please tell me how do i do it?
  12. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  13. V

    New Lock screen notifications

    Hello Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G and running rom stable. The problem is that even though i have lockscreen notifications enabled, my lockscreen doesent show notifications. The only thing i think might cause problems is the super walpaper that im using. The weird thing is that...
  14. Lopolin

    [RESOLVED] should I be concerned by the output message "script succeeded: result was [256]"?

    It's my first time Installing a custom ROM, I chose the Stable ROM. I have a POCO X3 Pro (vayu) and installed TWRP 3.6.2 to then Flash MIUI14.0.3.0. I was switching from MIUI Global 12.0.5 (or was it I have encountered a few issues along the way and probably did a...
  15. V

    Whats the deal with zygisk?

    Hello. I am on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ROM installed and rooted via magisk. The problem is tho, that if I enable zygisk on magisk everything starts lagging and not working, when I turn it back off, everythink works just fine. Does anybody know why? Thank you.
  16. V

    MIUI 14 120hz problem

    Hello. Does anyone know how to fix apps switching to 60 hz even though i have 120hz enabled? Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ROM installed and rooted via magisk. Thank you.
  17. M

    Mi Door and window Sensor 2 not connecting to gateway

    I recently bought a new mi Door and window Sensor 2 and set it up as prescribed at the user manual, however, for some reason it cannot connect to my mi smart home hub 2, I even tried getting it off the wall and putting it closer to the hub but nothing. Can anyone help me through this?
  18. M

    New i need help

    I bought my phone 2-3 months ago and since then when i try to post videos or photos on instagram, whatsapp or when i try to edit photos or videos on my gallery please help me. I put some photos so yall can see what i mean.
  19. T

    My play store is messed up

    Had an issue where a banking app wasn't showing up in the "installed" section of play store, therefore it wasn't checking for updates. Could be more than 1, that's just the 1 that I noticed. Cleared play store cache, force stopped, swapped accounts, re-installed the app, nothing was working. My...
  20. O

    Incoming calls

    Hello my dear community, I recently got rom(Version14.0.3.0, Android 12) on my Redmi Note 9 Pro(joyeuse) device, and so far everything works flawlessly. There is one exception to it tho. When I recieve a call, I usually get a notificaiton on my notification bar, but I don't get the...