1. F

    Mi Mix 3 in bootloop with locked bootload

    Hi! I need your help. My Mi Mix 3 updted friday morning, that night I ran out of battery and the phone entered in a bootloop, I've tried to flash it with Mi flash tool but I didn't unlock the bootload when the phone worked. The hard reset didn't worked and I couldn't load the ROM in sideload...
  2. B

    I just got Mi 10 Lite 5G Yesterday. I please anyone to help me!

    Hello, i recently got new phone and i like it, but i would prefer to get this version of operative system which is called in this world "ROM" if i am not mistaking. Do anyone have guide how to install this ROM to my Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G. I had A5 2017 but it died two weeks ago, so i was forced...
  3. L

    Flashing Miui12

    I am currently confused as to what to do, to install miui 12 rom. it says: TWRP Recovery Zip DOWNLOAD or TWRP.ME FORMAT /data partition (NEVER wipe System or Persist!) <-- Do i have to wipe/format anything and if so, what am I formating/partitioning? Copy our ROM to the internal storage Install...
  4. L

    TWRP Bug

    I recently tried to install MIUI 12 for my MI 8 Pro and midway through, I went to install TWRP using the link provided on the stable miui12 ROM but when flashed and booted into, i get stuck on the splash screen. I would love to be able to flash miui 12 and hope someone can help me fix this. I...
  5. erny99

    New InCallUi not working

    when i try to make a call, the phone crashes giving InCallUi error. why?
  6. H

    A2 Lite stuck on EDL

    Hello, I'm just a guy who likes tinkering with his devices, though sometimes I make complete newbie mistakes. This is one of those cases. I was messing around with Treble GSIs in my Mi A2 Lite (daisy) device. They worked pretty good but I thought I could lock my BL to have secure boot... and...
  7. Y

    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    Hi everyone ! Recently i tried to install the eu rom to my mi 9se but I could not do it, so to return to my stock rom (my fault) I flashed the rom with the option to block bootloader. I tried to repair it with miassistant and it did not work I also tried with miflash and it did'nt work either I...
  8. M

    Can't unlock phone since the system update

    Hi, I am not tech savvy and I am going crazy, I do not know what to do, I received a notification that my phone had MIUI update ready, I accepted the restart for the update and since it completed my phone won't unlock, as soon as I enter my lock-screen code the screen goes black and shows the...
  9. C

    Bug look screen redmi 8a

    Excuse me friends I have a problem, when I put a pin for the screen lock, when I try to unlock the device I get that the pin is wrong and I have to delete the device again. in the latest update on redmi 8a
  10. M

    New Animations failing

    My mi 9 doesn't always have these screen unlock animations, sometimes it works and sometimes just the wallpaper that makes the effect. I've tried to install different versions of Mi launcher and it doesn't change anything. Can anyone help? I still thought it was a MIUI.EU problem, so I moved to...
  11. H

    Mi Mix 2 Stuck in FASTBOOT after factory reset

    I wanted to install the fresh MIUI 12 on my Mi Mix 2. I downloaded the ROM after that i cleaned my downloads folder but forgot that I erased the ROM from my Phone that was in the Downloads folder. Not knowing that I booted straight into TWRP. I wiped System, Dalvik, Cache and Factory reseted my...
  12. E

    Mi8 SE - need help with rom

    Hi I have a Mi8 SE currently stuck with MIUI 10 with the version 9.8.1 (BETA) by Android 9 and it's unlocked My questions are: 1- Is it worth changing it to the MIUI 11 or should I wait for the MIUI 12? Will I receive the MIUI 12 via OTA when it comes out? (if i have the MIUI 11)...
  13. H

    Urgent Help needed, Rom MIUI12 K20 Pro Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I'm super stressed because I tried to install MIUI 12 beta on my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro(K20Pro), I downloaded the latest version from Then I downloaded adb and TWRP. So I managed to get TWRP on my smartphone: I was able to search in my smartphone for the update file and I...
  14. Phantomcry

    Wi-Fi keeps turning off... and I can't activate the account. Help!

    Hi, recently I've had a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi 4X, it's Wi-Fi kept disconnecting every time I tried to turn it on. I tried to search for a fix and somewhere it said that I should factory reset the phone. So I did.. The Wi-Fi connection hasn't been fixed and now it wants me to activate my...
  15. M

    Problem with root - xiaomi mi 8 EE(ursa)

    I've tried to root my phone using magisk, miui 11(9.12.19 - android 10), but cannot root it. I clicked install and there were 2 options to choose: 1.Downlaod zip only 2.patch boot image file and there was no direct install (recommended) as in android 9. When I tried to root it by adb my phone...
  16. X

    Philips purple color bug

    Hi have a philips TV Inbox keeps showing a purple color Every time I choose rgb 8/10 option, it keeps changing to other options and showing the purple color Impossible to watch tv How can it be fixed? Tried everything
  17. G

    MI8 se 10.3 9.1.17 (weakly) no twrp update help.

    Hi everyone, i didnt update my phone in awhile, and today i was planing to do so. But unfortunately OTA update is not working and apparently i dont have installed TWRP anymore. so my question is, can i just instal TWRP in fastboot and manually update phone to newest version without losing any...
  18. D

    My Redmi 6A brick

    Dear moderators, as well as the community MI I saw a solution to the problem through the program SP_Flash_Tool But in order for me to be given permission to flash the device, I need a service account for authorization. I ask for help from you so that they will authorize me for further device...
  19. jaslq

    What is the essence of this community?

    Hello everyone, please help. I use the phone Xiaomi MI 9 SE. What is the essence of this community? Will these updates ever end? I now have MIUI 11 / 9.12.12 on Android 10. But the stable version is not Andoid 10. I want firmware with the latest updates but without bugs. And I don’t want to crap...
  20. M

    New Security keep crashing

    Just flashed the last stable on mi 8 dipper, but when I try to set any security unlock it crash and I get this I don't have magisk installed java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done(Unknown Source:27) at...