1. xEnakil

    Invalid Instagram not works on Mi 11 Lite version

    After installing I tried everything but still no success. After launching it immediately crashes.
  2. T

    New Instagram Google smart lock issue

    Hello all, Yesterday I received my new phone,Xiaomi mi 11 ultra and today I can't install Instagram app. It shows always Google smart lock. I searched google-disabled the trusted partner (didn't work),deleted the password from my Google acc (didn't work). When I install the app (Google play...
  3. davideakadudu

    New No WhatsApp notification

    On my Mi Note 10 since two release of the last weekly eu, i can't receive always notification on whatsapp, and even if sometimes a sound notifcation arrives, never shown the red badge on icon on the home. Now instagram does the same thing
  4. D

    New [20.7.16] Mi 9 - incorrect display of the camera on Instagram

    The black bar at the bottom of the camera has increased after upgrading to your firmware. This problem was observed in the previous version.
  5. semihsezer

    Resolved instagram long video problem on story and message

    my phone is redmi k20/mi9t. after updating to android 10, long videos' second-third and following parts can not be uploaded to instagram story. Also the can not be sent in direct messages. anyone has this problem like me? is there a solution? i changed older versions of instagram but result is...
  6. G

    Some Problem

    sometimes when I enter a profile in instagram, the screen remains black. The device freezes sometimes. (ETC: Gallery, Social Media ....) camera2api is off. I'm opening it, but it closes after the update. Sim Card Activation for Micloud does not work. Does AI start working ? Yesterday, while...
  7. F

    Instagram showing deleted photos from gallery

    Hi, I got a problem. I deleted some old photos from POCO F1, and they are not showing up in the gallery, but when I launch the Instagram, I still can find the photos in the "gallery" photos from the phone. I tried to delete the cache of Instagram and gallery, but the pictures are still...
  8. Alex_Caspersky

    The problem with the video in the application Instagram: low frame rate.

    Hello! I apologize for my English, this is not my native language. When you upload a video to instagram, the video drops fps and it starts strobe. Such a problem with many owners Xiaomi. Is there a solution to this problem? Please share the information, it is very necessary. Device Mi Note 3...
  9. Z

    New Camera Shutter Sound Even Though In Silent Mode

    I had this problem from the start when I was first using my xiaomi mi4, then switch to mi4c and now using mi max 2. All of them have this same issues where the camera shutter still makes a click sound when taking pictures in Whatsapp & Instagram even though my phone is in silent mode. I have...
  10. S

    Mi5s Plus - Instagram Problem

    Hi all - picked up a 5S Plus in the Xiaomi store in HK, and so far I'm absolutely loving it. It's currently running | Stable The only strange niggle I'm having at the moment is that in Instagram, when I take a photo the camera zooms in at the point of the shutter firing. It's very...