k20 pro

  1. samirglima

    How will I update my device from now on? (Mi 9T Pro)

    Hi guys, before my mi 11, I had a mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro) with global ROM and switched to xiaomi.eu stable. When I gave my cell phone to my mother I put the global again and so far so good (it's currently in version 12.0.6, android 10). The "problem" started when the phone no longer updates over the...
  2. R

    sound settings not working miui12.5 android 11

    i can't acces my sound settings in the settings menu, it keeps force closing. while i can change the notification sounds in particular apps, I can't use the designed settings section to do it.
  3. S

    New K20 Pro shutdown by itself within a few minute after locked screen

    Just update to version 21.1.20, my K20 pro just shutdown by itself within a few minute after locked screen. The phone will not start unless i force press on the power button for a few second. I have clean cache after the update and the update process is running without any problem. Any way to...
  4. S

    K20 pro xiaomi eu Google pay

    Hello. I have k20 pro (china).Installed latest xiaomi eu stable. When i open google pay I can add card and I don't get an error. But when I try to pay nothing happens. in the settings, the type of the HCE wallet. Installed Magisk all checks pass. Someone came across a similar and how to solve...
  5. E

    Mi Roaming (eSIM) no longer works on Patched MIUI 11 & MIUI 12 ROM

    Hi everyone! This thread is similar to another thread posted in 2018: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/mi-roaming.44410/ Mi Roaming is an APK offered by Xiaomi that enables fairly cheap eSIM plans for international travels. It is not present in the patched MIUI builds as it can be considered...
  6. S

    Stuck on TWRP

    Hello everyone, I was trying to fully wipe my Redmi K20 Pro and deleted the content of all folders with TWRP (checked all the boxes), pushed the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM to the smartphone via USB cable (ADB) and installed it without any issues, but after the reboot the smartphone goes back to TWRP...
  7. H

    Mi 9t Pro/k20 Pro bricked

    I bought the k20 pro on ********** and it came as 9t pro with muiu 10 secret version, I tried to install muiu 11 and when installing it I left the lock option enabled, how can I recover? Stay on the recovery screen with the msg This miui version cant be installed on this device. Im from Brazil.
  8. L

    Upgrade to miui 12 part2

    Good morning. I write the second part of the post that I created yesterday. And more than anything to consult them or ask you who know more about the subject. I had the weekly version 20.3.27 of MIUI 11 installed, when I switched to the beta version of miui 12 20.4.30 I had complications that...
  9. H

    Urgent Help needed, Rom MIUI12 K20 Pro Black Screen

    Hello everyone, I'm super stressed because I tried to install MIUI 12 beta on my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro(K20Pro), I downloaded the latest version from Xiaomi.eu. Then I downloaded adb and TWRP. So I managed to get TWRP on my smartphone: I was able to search in my smartphone for the update file and I...
  10. L

    Upgrading to MIUI 12

    Good Morning. I wanted to tell you about my experience after, updating Miui12 with the official ROM of the forum. First, tell them that the update in twrp does not show any failure, but when starting the mobile, it takes approximately 15 min, they must let it start correctly or they will have...
  11. L

    Widevine L1 on Redmi K20 Pro

    Friends, i have a Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition with Miui.eu rom. In some sites and forums i read that this phone haven't support for Widevine L1 certification, but anothers say that it have. Actually my smartphone has Widevine L3 certification. The real question is: Is there any way to watch...
  12. K

    Back option doesn't always work in Messenger

    Hey, I have enabled the hand gestures on my K20 Pro, so I go back by sliding the left or right side of the phone. However, when I am in Messenger it works like half of the times, do you have any idea why that might be? Regards,
  13. B

    Invalid No longer able to backup K20 Pro in TWRP

    In the last few MIUI 11 Beta ROM, I could no longer able do nandroid backup using TWRP. When I reboot into recovery mode, there is some red output after entering the password: E:Unhandled flag:'wrappedkey'. I am using the latest TWRP 3.3.1 provided by MIUI on each page, here the link to be sure...
  14. M

    Invalid Summoners war

    Hello, i'm on Android 10 with my k20 pro. Summoners war is not smooth. Can you help me? I think it's cause of sound effect.
  15. K

    New VoLTE bug ?

    Hello K20PRO - xiaomi.eu ROM 11 latest stable When I enable VoLTE it shows the symbol and the call can be made. BUT theres is no caller ID. So I always get UNKNOWN caller, I don't even see the phone number when someone calls me. Without VOLTE i have normal caller/number ID in MIUI phone...
  16. AidWil

    Updating Xiaomi.eu (Version - How To?

    Hi, I am very new to the whole custom ROM thing and I have been using Xiaomi.eu ROM on my Mi 8 and now my K20 Pro but I can't really find any information on updating that I understand. I would simply like to know how to update MIUI to the newest version of Xiaomi.eu. On the 'Updater' app I get...
  17. K

    New smalls bugs on my K20 Pro V11.0.3

    I install the latest MIUI v11.0.3 (stable) on my K20 Pro. I found 2 bugs: 1. Since V11.0.2, the google assistant cannot be woke up by "OK Google", I reset the voice match, then reboot the phone, it works for one time, then I have to use press the application to wake it up. 2. Since I installed...
  18. A

    Invalid Mi 9T Pro Screen rotation and Proximity sensor

    In my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro the proximity sensor error happens when answering the call, listening to audios, etc. the screen does not turn off, when I turn on the screen I always get the message of “not covering the area…” when I don't even have my hand in that area. Another problem that seems very...
  19. A

    Widevine on Chinese variant K20 Pro

    Hi, Did anyone tried EU MIUI 11 9.9.26 on K20 Pro Chinese variant and tried downloading the widevine certificate? Is it working/Is L1 now present? Thanks in advance :)
  20. D

    Global Mi 9T Pro ROM on Redmi K20 Pro

    I found a ROM that claims to be the official Mi 9T Pro global ROM here: http://c.mi.com/oc/miuidownload/detail?device=1700361 Does anyone know if the Redmi K20 Pro is compatible? And is this source reliable? Is this the ROM that the Mi 9T Pro ships with? Thanks!