1. M

    "Recents" menu not working with other launchers like Nova

    Hi, is there some common MIUI forum here as I guess this is not device specific? The "Recent Apps" button doesn't work as expected when using Nova Launcher as default. Sometimes switching to other apps works, but the split screen makes it freeze. Sometimes even switching to other apps doesn't...
  2. W

    New [diting] [MIUI 14] Home Screen Icon Layout

    I find that the layout of the icon is a bit weird on my Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) on latest MIUI 14 Weekly Build. Icons have larger gap between the dock than on official CN build on diting and it looks like a problem on non regular (not 1080p or 1440p) resolution phone only, as it doesn't happen...
  3. N

    third-party launcher & gesture navigation on miui 13

    Hello, I am using android 10 version of rom because I can use gesture navigation with third party launcher. I would like to know if in the latest versions of the rom, the problem has been solved. I know I could use Fluid navigation gesture but it doesn't seem to be reliable and I don't...
  4. C

    Invalid Xiaomi 12x 13.0.5 launcher bottom row icons number limited

    Last version xiaomi 12x 13.0.4 launcher grid was set to 5x7. Bottom row of icons could be set to 6 icons, although regular grid had 5 columns. Updated to latest 13.0.5 and 6th icon has been removed from the bottom row. If I change grid to 6x7 I can drag 6th icon, but as soon as grid is restored...
  5. Muntazzir

    Widgets store launcher 425014042

    Is any way to uso the new widgets store with this launcher, I read that editing a smali file will work, anyone knows about it ?
  6. G

    New The launcher reboot after clean an app in recent menu

    Everything is in the title, when I go to the menu of recent applications, the launcher restarts. Otherwise thank you for your rom it is great !!
  7. shengruoyu

    New Mi 6 With 8.1.11 V2

    I use the default launcher with theme limitless. The icons are listed 6*4 in the home screen except for the docker. But sometimes after I rebooted, the icons are listed 5*4. It is very strange and annoying.
  8. U

    Weather Widget In Other Launcher

    Hello, I would like to know if someone knows a way to use the weather widget from miui in other Launcher applications like nova launcher. I already tried to change the nova launcher into a system app like some people write on the internet, but nova still doesn't see the weather widget. Please...
  9. Z

    Cloned Apps On Alternative Launchers

    i dont know if this happened to you but when i try to use clone apps on a different launcher (KK Launcher in my case) the second icon doesnt appear, instead, the main icon tells the user to choose between both original and cloned, and its pretty awkward to have that this ofcourse doesnt happen...