1. D

    customize led notification for mi 9 lite/cc9

    is there any chance to add the future of customizing the notification rgb led in the back of mi 9 lite before the end of update support of this phone?
  2. axelmateuss

    AOD only when missed call or notification

    I was wondering if there is any possibility for AOD in xiaomi.eu works only when there's waiting notification - for example missed call, SMS, message? Like a replacement for notification LED which some our phones didn't get? I tried to work with Tasker and Macrodroid (users made even ready...
  3. D

    New Led notification toggles

    In the Settings -> Special functions -> LED light screen you can toggle when the LED will light up. These toggles can't be turned off. When you turn them off, leave the screen and then return the toggle will be on again I'd love to be able to turn off the led when charging! Redmi K30 Pro...
  4. oSIRus

    New Mi A2 Notification LED blinking very unevenly

    Is the unevenly flashing LED light in Mi A2 fixable by software or will it be fixed in future updates? It pulsates much more evenly in Mi A1. The way it "pulsates" on the Mi A2 looks very cheap as if it only had 3 levels of brightness. It's ruining the otherwise great experience with the phone.
  5. M

    New [mi Mix 2] Issue With Notification Led

    I'm facing some issues with the notification led. I've set the "Notifications on lock screen" for my applications to off, but with notification led on. It doesn't seems to activate any time.. Anyone else is having this issue? Have you solved? How? It happens specifically with telegram.. Thanks...
  6. N

    New Mi5s Plus Buttons Led Bug

    Hello everybody. I need some help. Sometimes my tree line button ("="this button on the left side) led on my mi5s plus doesn't lights up. If i press the left corner near the button the led light under the button starts to work. It's working for example a day and than i have to press again. Sorry...
  7. AsadP

    Rgb Notification Led

    *INFO* I am aware of the inbuilt MIUI LED settings, I want to be able to set it to a CUSTOM colour. I have tried to edit the notification light but it doesn't work when testing the LED whilst the screen is off, apps only use the LED pre-defined by MIUI which is annoying. Can this be changed...
  8. C

    White Led Flashing For No Reason Or..?

    Just got the phone, had it for around 10 days. 3-4 days ago, white pulsin (slowly) led started showing up for no apparent reason. I don't have ANYTHING set up to blink white, viber, FB messenger and emails notify properly, as do regular text messages and missed calls. After clearing the...
  9. Berci

    Notification Led

    My notification led work's how it sould be, red,blue,green,cyan,white... all the colors are reproduced corectly, but yellow is kind a greenish , and orange also the same , tried with a few third party apps (same result).When charging it sould show 0-20 red, 20-80 ? orange (but it's light green)...
  10. Readone

    All Apps Are Using Default Led Notifications Color.

    after updating t0 6.10.20, all Apps are using default LED Notifications color, I set WhatsApp to white LED, BBM to Purple, Line to Yellow, and default LED notifications in settings is Blue. but when I have a notification in BBM or WhatsApp or Line, my phone just pulse the BLUE LED, no other LED...
  11. B

    Several Questions

    Hey everybody, I used the search function here, but couldn't find any answers, so I wanted to ask you whether you know the following things: (Using Redmi Note 2 with 6.3.31) 1. When the battery is low, the LED always flashes red. Is there an option to change this? 2. As a previous "normal"...