1. wolfanger

    Camera 2 Api Finally Working (almost Working Xd ) On Mi 4c Miui 8 Nougat.

    Adding '' in build prop finally enables camera2 api but images are flippered 180 degrees.
  2. M

    New Mi4c Front Mic Doesn't Work For Video Call

    I have problem with my mi 4c front and back microphone. The sound produced is too low when I make video call using Facebook, hangout, duo, etc. Please help me to solve it
  3. wolfanger

    Unoffy Cm14 Android Nougat For Mi 4c

    Here the source:
  4. S

    Problems With Play Market

    Hi, i have some troubles with play market on ALL MIUI ROMS (,,, when i try to instal apk from play market which is heavier then 50 mb i have very slow speed (1mb/s). Is this normal for miui? P.S My internet connection is normal.
  5. T

    Script Succeeded Result Was [/cust]

    Hi, when i install the rom for libra stable or weekly, the twrp (any of them) show "script succeeded: result was [/cust]". And the phone go slowly and laggy (after installation it is very fluid , from the second day is going slowing). Why? What could be the problem?
  6. nicoff

    Mi 4c Twrp 3.0.0 (cofface)

    Xiaomi MI 4C TWRP Recovery 3.0.0 All credits to Cofface Recommended with MIUI I'll try to keep this thread up-to-date, but please refer to original chinese thread for latest recovery updates and download links. P.S. any improvement suggestion for this translation from chinese is welcome...
  7. wolfanger

    Xiaomi Released Mi4c (libra) Kernel Source On 17th March 2016

    Finally Xiaomi did it!! :D source : github link :