magisk module

  1. S

    What is the custom refresh rate limit?

    I have my Mi 11 Ultra and even after drastically prolonging it's battery life (like really, it can work two days on a single charge) with undervolted CPU and I really miss LTPO feature. I know there's an adb shell command for setting a 90hz refresh rate but can I technically put it to...
  2. S

    Xiaomi Boot Animation changer

    Hi there. Since on zircon no working recovery is available and no working RO2RW, I've manage to do mine first magisk module to change the default Boot Animation. Install it throught magisk module ! Feedback needed also :) This file is for all Xiaomi / Mi / Redmi phones. Magisk module
  3. S

    Why ViPER4Android doesn't include into Xiaomi rom by default?

    This might be a dumb question but I am really curious about it. I saw many people complain about audio and many people does really like Viper4Android and claimed that it is the best audio effects out there. If it is really that goods, wouldn't it be good if it is installed by default as a system...
  4. D

    Magisk Module - Which to use for MIX2s

    Hi people, I always try to keep my system as minimal as possible, regarding applications...but nevertheless there are good Magisk functions I'm using. But I'm interested in which you are using on your mix 2s. For me it is YouTube vanced black themed - Magisk repo Systemless Hosts That with...
  5. Kazami Yuuka

    [mod][magisk][5.0+] Disable Unified Flat Icons

    Well, choices are choices, right? It's the same as your choice to install this ROM. I just recently switched back to this rom from a buggy Lineage build and found out the Limitless theme included is the exact thing I was looking for since the MIUI7-8 days for the icon sets. Since adds...