1. R

    Migrate From Gs Android 6 To 8.2 Android 7

    Hello, I am quite new to the matter and I want to flash stable to my unlocked Mi5. Now I found, that in your weekly rom releases thread: How to update MI5 to Android 7.0 from Android 6.0: - Install LATEST Android 6.0 release for MI5 6.11.10 - Install TWRP or ZCX - Reboot to...
  2. Pitada

    Wifi Dns Probe Bad Config

    Hi, recently I'm experiencing losing wifi connection with my router and the reason is dns bad config. It's a marshmallow problem? Don't happens with my wife's phone (lollipop)... I found an article of a dns changer, that really works. It opens a VPN connection and I start having connection...
  3. G

    Double Tap To Wake Screen Kenzo Mm

    Is there any way to activate double tap to wake screen feature. I am aware there are kernels which can activate the feature. But in MM, should it be a standard feature? And in miui, The feature is turned off. When i try to turn it on it doesnt work. So if anyone know how to activate the...
  4. fmcouto

    Upgrade To Android 6.0

    Anyone has info about this upgrade ? Is it going to happen ? Thanks in advance!
  5. A

    #ask Fix Sdcard Rw Rom Mm Kenzo[redmi Note 3 Pro]

    Hi, how to fix sdcard to able write on MM rom? thankske,
  6. nicotto

    My Mi Note Is Heavily Outdated: How Do I Act?

    Hello, I have a Mi Note (virgo) on the weekly ROM that I haven't updated in a long time. I'm stuck with the last KitKat ROM. I remember having installed it twice, so my system partitions should now be merged into one. But I never went on and installed Marshmallow, I simply forgot about...
  7. A

    New Kenzo Mm Lost Device Id

    Hi, i was installed new ROM for my kenzo (HMnote3) on 6.9.9. all running normally as usual, but after reboot my kenzo lost GSM signal and lost Device ID, like imei etc. What should i do? thanks
  8. Debanka

    Anyone Tried Mm Based Epic Rom For Kenzo?

    They have released a marshmallow based miui 8 Rom for Redmi note 3.I can't find a proper review anywhere. Has anyone tried that? Here's a link for the same thread.
  9. N

    Updating Xiaomi Mi Note (virgo) To Marshmallow From Kitkat

    Hey everyone, I've not long time ago bought xiaomi mi note with android kit kat preinstalled. It was updated by some of my friend with rom from this site, it uses MIUI v7 (5.10.8) as of right now. I wanted to update it to the newest MIUI v7/8 but I got... A LOT of trouble and I tried everything...
  10. wolfanger

    [rom] [6.6.30] Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Ported Rom For Mi 4c By Ivan!
  11. T

    Redmi Note 3 Pro Marshmallow

    Hi Does anyone know whether or not the redmi note 3 pro will get android Marshmallow 6.0.x? The phone is still relatively new but on the downloads section MIUI 8 comes with android 5.1 Lollipop for the redmi note 3 pro.
  12. mttrss5

    Mi Note From 4.4.4 To 6.0

    Hi everyone, on my Mi Note (not Pro) I'm stuck with MIUI 7 (version 5.12.11 | Beta) and I'd like to upgrade to Android 6.0 based MIUI. From ROMs download section I can see that the last weekly is 6.4.21. How can I update w/o loosing my data / apps? I've the default MIUI recovery, just...
  13. M

    Miui 7.2 Marshmallow

    Hello everyone, I read That MIUI 7.2 for RN3 is based on marshmallow, is true? And if so, can I switch from developer (lollipops) to stable (marshmallow) and vice versa?
  14. nicoff

    How To Update Xiaomi Mi 3/4 And Mi Note From 4.4 To 6.0

    Follow these simple steps to update Xiaomi Mi3/4 and MiNote from 4.4 to 6.0: Install MIUI 5.12.17 via Updater app to merge your system partitions if you haven't done so yet (no more dual system support); Do a full wipe (highly recommended); Install MIUI 5.12.17 again and do a full wipe once...
  15. Gospodar

    Xiaomi Mi4c - Marshmallow

    When will Xiaomi Mi4c receive Marshmellow upgrade?