mi 10 pro

  1. K

    Invalid MIUI 14 Mi 10 Pro Screen Recording Error

    I put 14 miui on mi 10 pro and I can't record the screen. Throws out and writes an error
  2. P

    Mi 10 Pro weekly rom upgrade failure

    HI All, I was upgrading my MI 10 Pro from the weekly EU rom. I am on 21.11.3 version, i was upgrading via OTA how ever it failed to download until the system says the update is not responding. I tried to download the ROM and install it via TWRP, however. while installing i had the error...
  3. B

    New Bluetooth issues since android 11 update

    Hello everybody, its my first thread in my life, so please be kind If i'm making any mistake :) Since I updated my Mi 10 Pro to the android version 11, I have really big issues with my bluetooth connectivity with my car. Before I updated my phone I once paired my phone with my car and everytime...
  4. T

    [Android 11] One Click TWRP 3.4.2B for Mi 10 & Mi 10 Pro & Mi 10 Ultra

    Mi 10 : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Mi 10 Pro : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Pro Mi 10 Ultra : 2020.12.08 TWRP Mi 10 Ultra Password : miuiturkiye Android 10 (Android10_One_Click.bat) : data decrypt, permanent, wait 1 minute until TWRP starts. Android 11 (Android11_One_Click.bat) : remove screen lock &...
  5. aruriruz

    New Mi 10 pro second line error

    Hello, I have one problem, my phone is a Mi 10 pro cn version, I have installed the most recent eu stable version, but I'm having a problem with the dual sim, only the sim with the Data enabled is active, the other line is dead, anyone knows how to fix it? Btw, the same is happening with the mi...
  6. K

    Mi 10 Pro V12.2.1.0

    Hi everyone, should I update this new version in my mi 10 pro? My current version is 12.0.4, this new version has any bugs? *If use OTA update will format my phone?because Im had use twrp fastboot to downgrade to 12.0.4 before
  7. Z

    Mi 10 pro Error installing EU ROM.

    I download EU rom for mi 10 pro cmi.I installed from twrp.after installing it not boot to logo.It automatically boot to recovery mode.how can I fix it.
  8. hello_WA

    Difference between pro and ultra

    Hello Guys Can Someone Tell me all the difference between the pro(global) and ultra Version. The difference are as far as i know: Display refresh rate Camera Faster charging for the ultra Missing LTE Band 20 for the ultra. I am asking this because i want to buy the Mi 10 but i dont know yet...
  9. C

    mi 10 pro 5g Recovery problem

    Hi , Im trying to install latest version of MIUI release but phone always starting at recovery mode after successful flashed. Model: cmi / 12-256 Before I was have - V12.0.4.0.QJACNXM New Flashed Version - V12.1.2.0.RJACNXM -- Put me always recovery after flashed. TWRP Version : 3.4.2b-0623-by...