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    New Cannot disable Google Assistant from power button on Mi 10S MIUI

    Hi guys, I noticed that since version 13.0.8 or in the latest beta Xiaomi EU ROM, I just cannot disable Google assistant from the power button on my phone, it caused me can not use the power button on my phone to reset or turn off the phone properly. I've tried searching for button gesture to...
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    MI 10S audio equalizer locked

    Hi! I've got MI 10S with EU ROM, MIUI by xiaomi.eu 12.5.7 Stable ( RGACNXM), model M2102J2SC, Android verision 11 RKQ1 .200826.002. This phone have a wonderful audio sound via internal speakers, but I can't use system equalizer, because it's locked (no active). Harman Cardon and...
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    MI 10s TWRP and Magisk installation

    Can someone tell me how to install the twrp from https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=322210 on the Mi 10s? Either instructions, or tutorials or videos would be great help. Also, is there a special procedure to install magisk once the twrp is installed?
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    Mi 10S Xiaomi EU ROM error (Mi video, Telegram, bad camera)

    Hi there, I'm using Mi 10S for a while now, been switching to XiaomiEU ROM for a couple of months. This ROM is stable build, can use for long term. However I've spotted some error even in newest version 12.5.5 it is still not being fixed yet. - Mi video always crash, lag when playing video -...