mi 10t

  1. R

    Mi 10T won't power on

    The title says it all. It powers on, shows the MI logo, then MIUI and the screen goes black (it does this in loop). I think it tries to restart but it doesn't work, I even tried for myself. This is the second time this problem occurs with xiaomi.eu and it happened also with the OFFICIAL rom (the...
  2. J

    Mi remote air conditioner not showing temperature

    Hello, I have a mi 10T and the mi remote app doesn't show the air conditioner temperature idk why. I changed my mobile on april and before I had the redmi note 8 pro where the app worked perfect without problems. I tried uninstalling the app and the error continues.
  3. LikMaw

    (MI10T) Can't save TWRP, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to install this ROM for two days but I've founded some problems in my way. I can install TWRP on my phone through fastboot and it it boots, but when I enter the system and then try to get into recovery another time, it changes to standard xiaomi recovery. Why does...
  4. vret123

    [GUIDE] A Beginner's Guide to Flashing Xiaomi.EU Stable on Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro/Redmi K30S Ultra (thorough & step-by-step)

    I know there are already quite a few guides about this but I wanted to make one that is more thorough and easier to follow. This guide applies to: -Mi 10T -Mi 10T Pro -Redmi K30S Ultra Here are the resources needed: -Aforementioned device -Computer (desktop/laptop) -USB cable -Flash drive that...
  5. szxa21

    [GUIDE] How to install Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi Mi 10T (apollo)

    Credits to ingbrzy and Xiaomi.eu team, Whyle (TWRP recovery). You will need: Fastboot binary https://androiddatahost.com/uq6us Xiaomi.eu ROM Stable Sourceforge Mi 10T (apollo) TWRP recovery Androidfilehost Windows PC Working: Boot Decryption data Vibration flash zip Not working: ADB...
  6. J

    Where is the 960FPS video setting on the Mi 10T Pro?

    Hello, I recently bought the Mi 10T Pro and saw in the spec sheet that it supposedly had 120/240/960FPS video recording at 720p/1080p but it seems that I can only find the 120 FPS setting on my phone. MIUI version: MIUI 12.0.10 All help is much appreciated!