mi 6x

  1. T


    Hello, I have been reporting the sensor bug for a long time, since in the Xiaomi .eu ROM there are no drivers of multiple essential sensors for day-to-day use of the phone. here attached an image
  2. F

    Important question about reporting errors.

    Do I have to report errors (on xiaomi.eu) several times when it is not corrected or only once is enough?
  3. J

    Still can't connect to camera MIUI beta ROMs

    Hello, I installed MIUI 11 beta rom on Xiaomi mi 6x and the camera doesn't work. When I open it appears this message: I have this problem with miui 10 beta roms too, but with stable versions camera works so fine. I use hex kernek v288 for all roms. I tried changing with Build Props and...
  4. Daniel182AVA

    New Raise to Wake not working on latest stable 10.2.3

    I'm having that issue with the mi 6X stable rom please help I have that option enabled and isnt working
  5. C

    Underclock CPU to save battery? [Snapdragon 660, MIUI 10]

    Does any have experience with editing the available CPU frequencies? I want to go to a lower frequency than 1113 GHz. So, the opposite of overclocking. From what I understand, it requires either editing the kernel or getting an entirely different one - which I am not capable of doing myself. As...
  6. D

    Need to know.

    Hello friends, I'm quite confused, I just got a mi 6x and I dunno what ROM to flash on it. I'm on ARB v2, and I'm not sure if flashing any ROM above 9.5 is good for me. I need to know though 1. Does miui 10.0 stable EU ROM have arb v4? Is it safe to flash for me? 2. Which EU ROM is the best for...
  7. D

    When is the next stable release for Mi 6X? is very old

    I would like to run with up to date security patches. Xiaomi ROM (China Stable) is up to V9.5.15.0.ODCCNFA with recent Andriod security patch level.