mi 9 lite

  1. L


    For a long time I have been waiting for the update to MIUI 12.5, as I understand it, my phone corresponds to the update of 12.5 and 13 but the updates never arrived, moreover, the last security update was in August 2020. Does anyone know how to force the update even if it is to 12.5 since I...
  2. D

    customize led notification for mi 9 lite/cc9

    is there any chance to add the future of customizing the notification rgb led in the back of mi 9 lite before the end of update support of this phone?
  3. M

    MIUI 12 miui_mod_icons

    What are the icons that should not be deleted I want to delete all icons not used
  4. J

    New AMOLED display fail after MIUI 12 update [MI 9 Lite / MI CC9 ]

    Hi guys, Yesterday I installed MIUI 12.0.3 Global (QFCEUXM) on my MI 9 Lite after a manual search in settings with OTA. The update went well, the display was fine but after half an hour it turns into a purple-green colorless screen. The phone was not dropped or damaged at all, ever. The...
  5. R

    New DND on Mi cc9/mi 9 lite after Android 10 update

    Hello, after updating to android 10, both on the global version and on the xiaomi eu there is a bug. In Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, system sounds are still enabled! For example a whatsapp message sent! Can it be resolved in any way?
  6. D

    New Screen do not turn on during call

    In a call the proximity sensor turns off the screen like it should, but then the screen does not turn on again. I have to wait the other person to hangout the call or I have to push power button to turn on the screen. The proximity sensor works fine in the tests, and this problem was present...
  7. R

    Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite or Xiaomi Mi 9 SE ?

    Hello community, I would like to buy a new phone and I'm deciding between Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite. Personally, for me camera and general performance are the most important specs. I've already read and watched some reviews but I'm still not quite sure which one I should buy. I have...
  8. JoesefJoestar

    New [Mi 9 Lite] [MIUI 11] No notification badges on app icons

    Hi, After updating from MIUI10 to MIUI 11, the notification badges are no more displayed for Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram... Although badges are ON and apps to display badges are enabled. Is there something I am missing or is this a known bug? Thanks