Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite or Xiaomi Mi 9 SE ?


Aug 27, 2018
Hello community,

I would like to buy a new phone and I'm deciding between Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite. Personally, for me camera and general performance are the most important specs. I've already read and watched some reviews but I'm still not quite sure which one I should buy. I have heard mixed opinions about these phones, somebody says that camera is better on Lite, other one says the opposite. I know that SE has a better CPU but I'm curious about general performance on both phones and camera as well.

Thank you in advance
You should go with SE. My battery lasts easily two days of normal usage and size + weight is amazingly small. Currently the best option in my opinion. Anything over 6.3 inches and 170 grams is not good. At least after experience with SE.
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I would also go with SE.
The form factor and weight is great. Not many phone are as comfortable to use. (Galaxy S10e, Pixel 4, iPhone 11, but the price are 2-3 time higher :( )
The battery life is great also, I've never killed it within 1 day of heavy use.
The performance is OK too, nothing to complain.
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Im using mix2s and just bought the 9SE as a work phone. Reason is the size. Im tired of heavy and bulky phone. Ive done a lot of research on small phone with good(not best) specs and 9SE is one of the tops.

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I can only speak for Mi9SE Global, 2 full days of use are realistic for me. It depends on what options you use.

Here's what I've disabled:

BT and WLAN search

The following is activated:
MIUI sleep diagnosis
MIUI Improved Start AI

Widevine L1 under Stable Release (MIUI 11.05.0)
SafetyNet is passed and banking apps and mobile payment work without root.

GooglePay currently only with Magisk and the GooglePayFix modules.
I really appreciate the wide angle lens and 2x optical zoom.
I went back from MI9SE to good old Pocophone! Reasons:

Better battery live
Better performance
Better camera (Main reason)
Better, more powerful vibrate
Prime Video in Full HD
Many more custom Roms.

Only thing I miss now is the Oled Display and the smaller form factor.