mi 9 t pro

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    Bugged notifications

    Good afternoon great community, I tell you that I have a problem, since the last update every time I close the multimedia notification (spotify, youtube music, youtube) the space remains persistent, in addition to that, after a few minutes it tells me that the application wants to play...
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    Battery in Mi 9 t pro/ K20 pro probably not working, also fingerprint reader not work

    Hi, i have my xiaomi by September 2019. He fall down many times. Around September this year he fall in bad way, on corner o the screen to hard surface. I gave him to service, they change glass and lcd, it all work good since last week when he fall again but maybe 80 to 70 cm on ground by flat, i...
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    Upgrade to miui 12 part2

    Good morning. I write the second part of the post that I created yesterday. And more than anything to consult them or ask you who know more about the subject. I had the weekly version 20.3.27 of MIUI 11 installed, when I switched to the beta version of miui 12 20.4.30 I had complications that...