Battery in Mi 9 t pro/ K20 pro probably not working, also fingerprint reader not work


Dec 16, 2020
Hi, i have my xiaomi by September 2019. He fall down many times. Around September this year he fall in bad way, on corner o the screen to hard surface. I gave him to service, they change glass and lcd, it all work good since last week when he fall again but maybe 80 to 70 cm on ground by flat, i mean on screen. He looks good all works so i left him on my desk and start playing on computer. After while he start sending me messages, so i unlock him, he was sending me info that is too cold and phone could work unstable, he sent me this every few seconds, i think maybe i try to restart him (i have global rom on him and restart repairs before all problems) but he is not starting, i tried myself but always i see screen like on picture in files, i think that he don,t see battery, maybe some pin goes out, i tried charge him but not work on 2 chargers and 2 cables, and on my pc usb 2.0 and 3.0, also if you maybe know after replacing screen i cant use my fingerprint reader, i make new scan of my finger, it works minute but few minutes later it not work. I can open him myself but before i do it i want to know what to do. I know that i wrote much tekst and sorry for my bad English, and thanks for taking a few minutes to reading it.


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