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  1. S

    Lydsto S1D Max vacuum cleaner connection issue

    I apologize in advance if I am not supposed to post this here. I have a Lydsto S1D Max vacuum cleaner. I have been using it with Lydsto app but it's damn slow. The devices manual says that I can use the Mi Home app instead. It says in the manual: "Press the power and home button for 3 seconds...
  2. luisgr95

    New Issue Xiaome Home App on Miui 14

    I can't sync any device on Xiaomi home since I change the Miui 13 to miui14. and I do all steps, restart the device first next try to find the device and I tried to do it manually connecting to the wifi network of the device but the didn't detect the device. Any idea to solve that? POCO F3
  3. L

    Mi home: Alarm hub if no movement after closing door

    Hi there world. I am trying to create a scene that will alarm a control hub after I close the door but only if no movement is detected from any of the sensors I have inside the house, thus meaning I just opened the door and closed it and still at home. That is, the goal of the scene is to...
  4. idavidka

    Mi Home Security 360 1080p cannot see NAS

    Hi, I have 3 Mi Home Security 360 1080p cameras and a Sagemcom F@st 3890V3. The day before I got this Sagemcom router I had a F@st 3686AC modem and NAS worked. With this new router the. NAS is working on smb v3 protocol and I think this is why the cameras cannot see my NAS, I think they use smb...
  5. J

    Mi home alarm to turn on lights

    Hi I bought the xiaomi mi security sensors kit It works fine But it seems I cannot set the alarm to trigger the two philips E27 bulbs to turn on during an alarm I have set it up in the European servers as it cannot connect to Chinese mainland Seems very limited I' d be nice if it could turn on...
  6. shinzon

    Xiaomi Mi Home API (or how to read data from sensors and other devices)

    Hi there, is there any API (or any other method) that can be used to ONLY read data from sensors, plugs, etc? I want to read temperature and humidity, check if plug is on or off,... and display it in custom web app/mobile app that will be in same network as gateway. Thank you!
  7. Gerry003

    No More Connection To Xiaomi Server Via Mi Home App [solved]

    Today the mi home app stopped working to control my various mi home appliances (China Mainland server). Re-installing mi home app, clearing cache/data, VPN Hongkong, downgrade mi home app > all without success! Is there a special reason for this happening (Maby server holidays in china etc.)...
  8. D

    Mi Home Aqara Delay Before Alert

    Hi there, I attached a few door sensors and body sensors to my aqara hub and set them to trigger the alert when my house is "armed" with the arm button in the app. So far so good. It all works and I use geolocation to arm and disarm the house. There is a delay you can specify when you arm the...
  9. D

    Push Notification (ios) Alarm In Mihome App

    Hi, I am using the Mi home products for a year now and I recently noticed that the push notification function for the alarm is not working anymore. It enabled in the app (Push alarm message via mobile phone) but greyed out. I am using the Mihome app 4.5.0 for iOS. The app version before this...
  10. C

    Redmi Pro, Chromecast, Mi Home Ir And Other Disconnection Problems

    Hello, if you have problems of disconnection with Chromecast, Mi Home IR, or with the Bluetooth, please enter the official forum of xiaomi and click on the orange button, CONFIRM, (you will only see the button if it is registered). When you take the trouble, the bug will gain importance and...