mi mix 2s

  1. T

    Serious audio problem in MI MIX 2s

    After i dropped my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s the sound doesnt work. Its a big problem because i cant play videos, make phone calls and much more. The phone is now useless. In a technical service I have changed micro and loudspeaker, a hard reset factory has been made to the smartphone, etc ... but the...
  2. M

    Some questions for rooted devices / devices with Xiaomi.eu rom: findmyphone and payments with nfc (ING DIRECT)

    Hello all. I registered here so as to get answer to my questions, please do not hesitate to tell me if I posted it in the wrong forum or if I did something wrong I have been thinking in changing my original room by the one of Xiaomi.eu, as I am feed up with Xiaomi not allowing me to change the...
  3. Gerry003

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S wireless charging stopped working

    Today my Mi Mix 2S stopped working wireless charging. The charging logo is not shown on the screen nore its loading when put on the charger pad (Nilkin pad). Line charging is working well. EU Rom 8.5.17 is running on the Mi MIX 2S smoothly. Has someone an idea to resolve this issue of no more...
  4. Gerry003

    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    Does someone know when the EU ROM will be available for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?