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  1. shinzon

    New MIUI 11 ( on MI MIX 2S - stuck on grayscale

    Hi, I updated MI MIX 2S on MIUI and now I'm stuck on grayscale mode. There is no way to return to color mode. I tried everything and all options that are related to display and colors and there is no change. Even in developer mode grayscale mode is not selected and nothing, still...
  2. Y

    Mi Mix 1 - Best way forward?

    Hi All, New to this forum but hopefully stick around and get a ROM flashed :) I've got a Mi Mix 1, the 6GB / 256GB edition and it's been brilliant since I got it about a year and a bit ago. Since MIUI 10 however I've had a few bugs: - Screen just turns off and phone locks for no reason in...
  3. MagicDom

    Update Encrypted Phone

    Hey guys, I'm currently using my Mi MIX running the awesome MIUI 10 ROM (8.8.23) provided here. Yesterday i've gone through the settings and found out that you can encrypt your data. So I decided: "Why shouldn't I do this, there is no drawback with encrypting the data. It just makes it kinda...
  4. Andrea82


    Hi all, i have upgraded my Xiaomi MI MIX from miui 9 to 10, from 8.3.26 developer to 8.8.9 developer using twrp-3.2.1-raupe-blunden. Now is impossible make focused photo. i can't set focus by clicking the touch. any suggestion? thanks a lot Andrea
  5. v3ritas

    Earpiece Audio Issue

    Just got my Mi MIX 2 weeks ago, & already running into my second problem with it... I cannot hear anything out of the earpiece, even with the volume all the way up. Any solutions for this? MIUI 9.3 by xiaomi.eu 8.2.1 | Beta
  6. G

    Change Mid Mi Mix, Port 9008 Don't Work On Developer Rom

    Hello All, Anyone know a possibility to change the MID on the Xiaomi Mi Mix without Bootloader unlocked ? I received 2 xiaomi Mi Mix with Note 2 firmware inside. One was come with rom inside and i had put this one in EDL mode and i insert Mi Mix rom without probleme and all is ok...
  7. Orelphone.com

    Twrp Needed For Mi Mix - Official Chinese Miui 7.1.12 Beta

    Hello, I just got my Mi Mix 256GB! Got it with vendor Rom :( Just got rid of it and flashed Latest Chinese Dev Rom 7.1.12 :) Now, I would like to install Xiaomi.Eu Rom of course, but I am not sure which TWRP to use in order to avoid the touch issue... Can someone point me to the right...
  8. S

    Issue With Dual Apps

    So I have a Mi Mix 6/256GB, I flashed TWRP and xiaomi.eu ROM 6.12.8beta. Part of the attraction of the Mix was the dual-SIM and the dual apps feature of MIUI 8, so I could use the handset with both my work and personal numbers and have separate WhatsApp accounts for both. But I seem to be...
  9. Prolution

    Will There Be Roms For The Mi Mix?

    Hi, I'm interested if you guys will provide ROM releases for the Mi MIX. In the latest changelog it says under Hungarian language: "no translation for MI5S/Plus/MiNote2/MiMix". Thus, it seems as if there should be a Mi MIX ROM, however the device is not listed in the figure in the weekly...