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Will There Be Roms For The Mi Mix?

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MiMix' started by Prolution, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Prolution

    Prolution Members

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    I'm interested if you guys will provide ROM releases for the Mi MIX.
    In the latest changelog it says under Hungarian language: "no translation for MI5S/Plus/MiNote2/MiMix". Thus, it seems as if there should be a Mi MIX ROM, however the device is not listed in the figure in the weekly release thread.

    I would be more than glad if you guys do so! Then there would be no argument against purchase :)

    Best regards
  2. Kelvintino

    Kelvintino Members

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    It would be awesome to have a Global ROM for Mi MIX to cater for the international users outside China since Mi MIX comes with official China ROM only! :)

    I'm waiting for my 6/256 Mi MIX to be delivered by the end of November! :) So excited! :)
  3. rawaf

    rawaf Members

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    from where u buy mi mix ?
  4. cr4zyE4RL

    cr4zyE4RL Members

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    Mi Mix is now in the Rom list, called lithium!! So seems to be available already.
    But at the moment still bit too expensive in europe.
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  5. Kelvintino

    Kelvintino Members

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    There are many online sites selling the Mi MIX now but the price is just too ridiculously high as much as double the official Xiaomi store price!

    I placed my order at the very early date in October while the price was just about USD90 more than the official Xiaomi store price.
  6. tweetypeety

    tweetypeety Members

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    and you will get it, when the price will be so low, that the shop, where you placed an order, will make some profit, because not the shops make the price, the dealers make them and they putting around 100-200€ on it right now. So good luck, thing will be end of december when you get yours.

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