1. 20mark

    Mi11U - Galaxy max hz wont work anymore

    Hello, i was using this app in the past months, working flawless. now after several weekly updates i completely forgot about it and did a check..well, galaxy max hz is not working anymore for me. im on latest 22.5.11 beta, already tried to delete app data, uninstall app and reboot and configure...
  2. L

    Problem to unlock bootloader

    hello good morning, I have a Chinese mi 11 ultra, by mistake I closed the bootloader with a global ROM, through EDL they repaired the phone, but I have this error and I can't open the bootloader, any help?
  3. M

    CAMERA dxomark tested on 12.5.4 onwards - MI 11 Ultra

    Hi everyone, fairly new member. I'd like to hear any feedback of those using 12.5.4 and newer as to how the dxomark optimizations have made a difference. I have a MI 11 Ultra Indian rom and am stuck on 12.5.2. So basically want to see what people think of the new performance before I install...
  4. I

    New Mi 11 Ultra 12.5.7 EU Twitter External Link Bug

    So I just recently purchased Mi 11 Ultra. Fast forward.. I have the latest stable version 12.5.17. In Twitter normal or dual on both the apps when you try to click on a link the app crashes and restarts. Not able to click on any links whatsoever. Is there something which I have done caused...
  5. S

    Mi 11 Ultra work profile

    Hello there, is there a work profile option in the xiaomi.eu ROM? Can't find it in the settings and I hate my iphone from my enterprise :D I'm on the newest weekly, no root. And if no, is it planned or implemented for A12 weekly?
  6. GuseppiGuliano

    [Widevine] [Mi 11 Ultra] What Would Be the Widevine status if I flash xiaomi.eu over the Global ROM

    Hi there all good people! I hope you all are great... I was wondering whether I would lose my Widevine L1 which I'm currently enjoying on the latest Global Stable ROM if I flash Xiaomi.eu Weekly? I really hate the Global ROMs and have always used xiaomi.eu since my Mi 2s. But I've recently...
  7. xmimpressions

    Need to Flash New Mi11Ultra (CN/EN ROM) to Stable EU ROM

    Hi All, I have recently got Mi11Ultra by mistake with a (CN/EN ROM). Since I am based in Europe, I wish to flash this device to a Stable EU ROM / Official EU ROM. How to do it? Is Unlocking the bootloader mandatory for this? Is there anyway this can be done without Unlocking the bootloader. I...
  8. xmimpressions

    Mi11 Ultra Bootloader Unlock

    Hi All, I wish to flash my Mi 11 Ultra (CN/EN ROM) to Xiamo EU Stable ROM. For this I did attempt to unlock my Device for this using the Mi Unlock tool. However, It says try 166 Hrs later. I would request you all to let me know if there is any way to skip this waiting period? or Is it certain...
  9. H

    Are there already well known consequences when unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra?

    Hello everybody :) First of all: I love this forum as it is really informative and it provides a lot of essential infos. So thank you first of all to all of you for your great work :D I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and started the unlocking process of the bootloader. Currently I'm waiting...
  10. C

    Whatsapp no permanent access to internal storage?

    Good Morning, I have the Xiaomi.Eu Rom 12.5.3 currently on my Mi11 Ultra. I copied my old backup from Whatsapp to the Whatsapp folder and restored everything correctly when I set it up. Now the curious: The recovered media are displayed in the gallery, then the displayed files of 2132 photos...
  11. pitifj

    Difference between star and mars board name?

    star is mi 11 ultra and mars is mi 11 pro but the ROM name is the same. Can explain that? Thanks!