1. M

    Xiaomi.eu ROM with MicroG preinstalled

    Hi, is it possible to have a MicroG version of the ROM since is build on china ROM(that don't have Google Services preinstalled)? Thank you for your answer, this is a popular question in the community, here in the forum and on xda too. :emoji_two_hearts: If the first answer is no for some...
  2. M

    Signature Spoofing enabled

    Is it possible to have Signature Spoofing enabled on the Xiaomi.eu ROM? I tryed NanoDroid with Magisk but installing this module the system will not boot giving error about starting services.jar and I have to remove the module from TWRP to make it work again. I want to install MicroG, probably...
  3. .bastian

    [guide] - Set Up Microg On Bugers Cm12.1

    With microG we're finally able to get rid of the unnecessary bloated Gapps packages on our phones without loosing the PlayStore and Pushmessage support. Only for comparison: The smallest OpenGapps package has about 65MB, microG only <15MB. First of all, microG isn't my own project. All I...