1. S

    Miui 11 or 12 download

    hello, who can give me a link to install miui 12 or 11 for hydrogen? my phone is Xiaomi Mi Max
  2. S

    Poco F3 - auto-hiding navigation buttons stopped working

    I have been using the phone for months and it was all fine and all of a sudden autohiding navigation buttons stopped working. Now they appear all the time as static bar at the bottom taking good portion of the screen. Previously they were hiding and I could swipe up from the bottom to show them...
  3. Domenico177

    Help, problem with installation MIUI 12 on mi note 10 lite

    Hi to everyone, i've just installed MIUI 12 stable rom on my Mi note 10 lite but when i reboot the system the phone locks on MIUI screen. What can i do?
  4. D

    How do I install miui 12 stable by fastboot?

    I have the version 11.0.2 and I download the miui version 12.0.1, but it won't let me download it by fastboot
  5. BorreSx

    MIUI 12 / Android 11

    Hi! I have noticed that when i installed the Android 11 update on my Mi Note 10, if in TWRP mode i add the Magisk zip in order to install all the root files the phone go in bootloop. The only way that i found to make the phone work is to go in Recovery and install ONLY the ROM Update. The...
  6. H

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite | Encrypted Internal Storage

    My problem is the following: I have recently had the Mi Note 10 Lite. It comes with MIUI 11.0.8 and when I was looking for an update it came out that 11.0.11 was available, so far so good. Then what I did was unlock the Bootloader, I had to wait 7 days to unlock it, to install TWRP and install...
  7. Fabiomed

    badge icon notification issue with MIUI 12

    Hello, after I upgraded ti MIUI 12 my Note 8 Pro, often happens that badge icon notification does not appear, while I can see the icon on notify bar correctly. I tried everything: 1- no battery save 2- permissions are ok 3- app autostart are ok 4- no battery limitation 5- checked everything in...
  8. erny99

    New InCallUi not working

    when i try to make a call, the phone crashes giving InCallUi error. why?
  9. K

    New Redmi K20 Pro [12.0.3stable] Speeddial crashes

    Hello Community I'm using the actual 12.0.3 stable eu-rom on my K20pro Premium Edition and since Update from stable 11 the Speeddial option crashes everytime i want to add a number. This happens on 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 too. Has anyone this problem, or a suggestion how to fix this?
  10. W

    Masik vs Xiaomi.eu

    This version of Masik has Miui 12, why doesn't xiaomi.eu do the same thing?
  11. scorptek

    Mi 10 & 10 Pro Eu.rom MIUI12 / 20.5.22/24/20.6.18

    *Camera working/ ok but turkish language not working macro mode *Volte/vowifi not working / vowifi not working *Google assistant "ok google" not working / ok perfect
  12. M

    New Mi 9T MIUI 12 Ram problems

    Hi there. I was flashed MIUI 12 to my device. My device use 58-60% its RAM. How I can solve it?
  13. G

    installation failed

    hi I tried to install the miui 12 through twrp, once flashed the phone restarts in recovery, I have a mi 9 lite and I had installed the stable version miui by xiaomi.eu 11.0.1. How can I install it?