1. N

    New Auto-update Apps on playstore for MIUI 14

    Hi all, I got a Redmi Note 5 G, with MIUI 14 and although the "Auto-update apps" setting* of the Google playstore was set to "Over wi-fi only", It still requires manual update when I'm on my wi-fi at home. I set it to "Over any network", but I doubt that this will change anything. Any clue on...
  2. fukkjoao

    New Redmi Note 12 4G Tapas Bugs

    some issues/bugs i noticed on miui.eu for redmi note 12 4g tapas 1. Animations with a lot of lag sometimes with gesture bar, when i close the app it's like the gesture fails and the launcher kinda blink. 2. When clicking the power button to turn off the screen, the screen flashes...
  3. F

    Random reboots of Poco F3

    My Poco F3 started to randomly reboot. It happens multiple times a day. It started a few weeks back around the time that I upgraded to MIUI V14.0.7.0 (but I'm not entirely sure and don't know where to find it). Then a short while later came out so I quickly upgraded to that version...