Dec 27, 2023
some issues/bugs i noticed on miui.eu for redmi note 12 4g tapas

1. Animations with a lot of lag sometimes with gesture bar, when i close the app it's like the gesture fails and the launcher kinda blink.

2. When clicking the power button to turn off the screen, the screen flashes before turning off, kinda blinks too.

3. Control center and other parts of the system with blur do not appear to run at 120hz, it appears at 60hz or even less than 60hz (ik that this is considered a low ram phone and that it has the option to deactivate it if it is bad, but that was just my observation).

4. When connect the charger to the cell phone and it has the charging animation "Glow" selected, an image/png of lightning appears on the screen bugged and not the animation.

i uploaded the image to see this.
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