1. fukkjoao

    New Redmi Note 12 4G Tapas Bugs

    some issues/bugs i noticed on miui.eu for redmi note 12 4g tapas 1. Animations with a lot of lag sometimes with gesture bar, when i close the app it's like the gesture fails and the launcher kinda blink. 2. When clicking the power button to turn off the screen, the screen flashes...
  2. thurdin

    How to use TWRP and miui.eu in a REDMI k50 u

    Sorry for the newbie question. I haven't used TWRP since my motorola razr 1, so I'm confused about the installation methods. I would like to know if you recommend any tutorials on how to install MIUI.eu (I have a completely rooted China Rom and am having problems) I couldn't install TWRP...
  3. R

    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder?

    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder? Will I receive RB4? I do not feel like returning on Android one but I want the original Miui ROM kernel. I prefer battery autonomy, thank you.
  4. P

    New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Dual camera not working

    I discovered a bug on 8.7.12. Our Mix 2S has a second camera that is an optic zoom 2x. On chinese MIUI 9 when i press on 2x on the camera the main camera is deactived and the secondary actived. On Miui.eu 8.7.12 instead the main camera remain active also pressing on 2x or manually zoom. I tested...
  5. M

    Is It Safe To Install Miui.eu By Xiaomitools?

    I don't know how to make it on the normal way and I was wondering if XiaomiTools is safe to do it.
  6. M

    Xiaomii.eu Smoothness

    I'm afraid of installing xiaomi.eu on my phone cause it seems to be that it has a lot of bugs, even the stable versions, but it's just like the global, with some bugs, like I said. I wanted a better version of MIUI and the EU rom came up as a solution, but... Is xiaomi.eu more smooth than the...