mix 2s

  1. F

    New [Possible] Bug - Can't make calls - 9.8.29/9.9.3

    Phone: Mi Mix 2S MIUI: 9.8.22 (working) MIUI Language: Portuguese Country: Portugal Service provider: Vodafone Hi, since 9.8.29 that i can't make any call's. I can however receive them about 70% of the time (the ones that fail say my phone it's turned off). It started when i installed the...
  2. B

    Can’t install Xiaomi.eu rom in Mix 2S

    Hi, I installed TWRP, and booting to it (power+ vol up) I enter the TWRP menu.It asks for a password due to some data is encrypted, but I still can proceed. After that I install the latest version of Xiaomi.eu rom (weekly release) all goes well, and at the end gives the option to reboot the...
  3. E

    New Mix 2S booting when connected to pc while in TWRP Recovery

    Hi. I can't install anything on my device 'cause I need to Format Data before installing a ROM. Though, EVERYTIME I plug my phone to PC while in TWRP it just freezes and boots up. I was able to install TWRP 'cause the exactly moment after booting in TWRP I disconnected it from PC. Sometimes...
  4. kirk1978

    Xposed On Mix2s (oreo Miui9?)

    Anyone got any luck getting xposed working on their mix2S (with Oreo based miui)? So far I tried all 3 beta version and I've been getting either bootloop or unstoppable errors , I also tried with Google now launcher (instead of miui launcher) and I lost the menu keys at bottom.
  5. devang98

    Any Video Link For Mix 2s & Eu Rom

    Do we have any video link or screen shot for the eu rom installed on the Mix 2s, would love to go through