1. M

    Netflix L3 MIUI13.0.3

    Redmi K40 MIUI13.0.3 I can't use widevine L1 Settings updated not work
  2. L

    Questions about TWRP, Magisk and SafetyNet

    Hello everyone ! I just have a few questions : What is TWRP ? Why do I need to install it on my phone before flashing EU ROM ? How do I install it ? Do I need Magisk and SafetyNet to get google pay and Netflix working ? To make it simple, I need to able to use google pay and apps such as...
  3. N

    Google pay and Netflix after flashing EU Rom

    Hi all, Would like to know if the Google pay works after installing the EU rom on k30 pro zoom? Will the Netflix has L1 security level? No magisk and no root. Thanks in advance!
  4. GuseppiGuliano

    [Widevine] [Mi 11 Ultra] What Would Be the Widevine status if I flash over the Global ROM

    Hi there all good people! I hope you all are great... I was wondering whether I would lose my Widevine L1 which I'm currently enjoying on the latest Global Stable ROM if I flash Weekly? I really hate the Global ROMs and have always used since my Mi 2s. But I've recently...
  5. A

    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi There - I got a MI 8 (Official Global ROM) from AllliExprress Merchant Hong Kong Goldway. Super Smartphone by the way! I have 2 issues with it. I can not use Google Pay or download Netflix from Google Play. Google Pay Issue: I get as far as confirming my Card details, but then it says...
  6. R

    Netflix And Bank Apps

    I wonder of I should buy te Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime. I read about problems with the PlayStore, rooted devices, unlocked devices, Netflix and bank app. That these apps do not install anymore when the smartphone is unlocked, rooted or with an custom Rom. Can anyone explain what this means in...
  7. C

    Redmi Pro, Chromecast, Mi Home Ir And Other Disconnection Problems

    Hello, if you have problems of disconnection with Chromecast, Mi Home IR, or with the Bluetooth, please enter the official forum of xiaomi and click on the orange button, CONFIRM, (you will only see the button if it is registered). When you take the trouble, the bug will gain importance and...
  8. zorropopo

    Netflix Dont Work In Xiaomi Redmi 4a

    Has netflix worked on the model Xiaomi redmi 4A ??= I've done everything) delete cache, data, reinstall, install a lower version, install another global room and it does not work for me. Miui global 8.1 stable (MCCMIDI) Logcat *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***...