1. N

    How to flash official global rom

    My phone is Redmi Note 4 Nikel, Bootloader Unlock, not rooted, with latest beta eu rom. Please help me on how to flash Official Global Stable ROM.
  2. J

    New GPS doens't turn off

    I installed 8.10.18 (MIUI 10) on my Redmi Note 4 Nikel. My settings do not allow applications to use GPS, but in the battery report it appears that the GPS is in use all the time
  3. 03jack

    Nikel - Stable Notification Led Bug

    Hi devs! Thanks for your awesome work here on Yesterday I flashed HMNote4 MBFCNFA Stable by and noticed that notification led is always green for apps which include a custom led set (ex. WhatsApp, Telegram etc). This is very annoying. I hope you can fix it soon :)
  4. A

    Which Weekly Version Is Equivalent To 8.5.5 Stable?

    To say, in term of functions and options, which version of the weekly rom is equivalent to the 8.5.5 stable rom of Redmi Note 4X (mtk)? So I could decide if I want to go with weekly rom. PS. do I have to wipe all data if I want to flash weekly rom?
  5. S

    New Facebook Videos Crash (redmi Note 4 Nikel)

    Hi there! I 've installed in nikel (Redmi Note 4) the stable rom (8.2.2 but most of the times, the videos in facebook after playing for a few seconds, it's stuck and I have to push power button to turn it off. I updated to 7.4.14 ( developer rom) but the problem still...