1. mihalyn90

    [ICON]MIUI 11/12 Global Icon Pack Flasher

    Hello, We know that gives on their own icon pack, and we who come from the global MIUI are used to those simple and lovely icons. Well, I managed to unpack the old system.img file from the global rom and extracted the icons and packed them all here in a simple flashable zip file...
  2. D

    [icons] Mia Ex - Miui Icon Addon Extended ... Huge!

    I made an add-on for the MIUI theming engine on XXHDPI devices running MIUI 8. If you like the standard theme of MIUI 8 (as I prefer it), you can extend and skin your app icons with this pack including thousands of app and activity icons. Read the info at the download page please. Use at...
  3. D

    [tutorial] Unofficial Unlock Redmi Note 3 Se (kate) Bootloader

    I made my "Kate" bootloader unlock yesterday and thought maybe someone would profit from having a small tutorial. Thanks to the folks mentioned in the PDF file I have stable ROM on my Kate now. The RAR includes all files you need that are up to date right now (Nov. '16). Have a look at...