[tutorial] Unofficial Unlock Redmi Note 3 Se (kate) Bootloader


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I made my "Kate" bootloader unlock yesterday and thought maybe someone would profit from having a small tutorial. Thanks to the folks mentioned in the PDF file I have xiaomi.eu stable ROM on my Kate now. The RAR includes all files you need that are up to date right now (Nov. '16).
Have a look at the credits in the PDF and if you find the guys maybe buy them a coffee.

All you need is in here: LINK (2GB)

  • This is an unofficial unlock of the bootloader
  • I am not responsible for bricked devices, thermonuclear war or your monkey dancing samba
  • If you brick your device or have bootloops try fastboot ROM flash
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One can skip the first flash of fastboot ROM. I guess just adding the modified emmc_appsboot.mbn for one flash is enough.