1. J

    Invalid don't set password on my redmi note 7

    Hello, I hope and help me to solve this error, I recently updated my redmi note 7 to version 20.7.2 weekly, but when entering a password to the device it is not registered and it is totally insecure and every time I try to put another time not register. Thanks
  2. M

    New What to do to avoid twrp encryption after flash a .zip file?

    The way in which miui is updated is great, your data and applications are preserved correctly, but some of us it happens that after a correct installation, the device boots correctly ... but... when we need to enter twrp again ... there is that annoying message asking for code to decrypt the...
  3. M

    Mi account locked and wont admit my password

    Hi everyone! I have the following problem, I have a Redmi note 5 pro, Ive upgrade it to miui 10 and then unlocked the bootloader. Then flashed a pixel experience rom, which I had for a while. I wanted to go back to MIUI, so I flashed the .eu rom (miui 10), everything good till here. When Ive...
  4. O

    Lockscreen Password Isn't Recognized Anymore

    Hi community, my Redmi Note 3 from 2/2017 doesn't recognize my unlock password on lockscreen anymore after accidentally entering Fastboot mode on phone and then rebooting normally. The phone is completely stock with locked bootloader (I think they all are in stock) and USB debugging disabled...
  5. B

    Xiaomi Redmi Pro Lockscreen Code Not Working

    Hi, My Xiaomi Redmi Pro is not working, I need to give my passcode on the lockscreen to get in my phone but for some reason it doesn't work even though it is the right code, I tried a few times and not it's locked for 120 minutes... I don't want to lose all my pictures and stuff... is there a...
  6. E

    Screen Lock Now + Password Required After X Minutes

    I encrypt my phone and want to use a strong password. However, I do not want to enter it 100+ times a day, so my preferred setup is to have the phone lock with password only after 30 minutes of not being used (screen off) - and also have a shortcut to lock immediately when in need (i.e. when I...
  7. Kubo83

    Login After Boot With Fingerprint

    Can this be done? In modes version? Because with battery saver turn off phone 23-07 is so boring each day put in 2passwords... And later same day get it done (unlock and wake up-by single fingerprint) Can some dev answer me?