1. pacmankillers

    Unable to install apps and games from Google Play

    Hello everyone I have written this post because I have not found an answer or solution to my problem. I have a Mi 10t Pro with Android 12 (Xiaomi EU - MIUI 13) and a very serious problem, I have tried to download apps and games from the Google Play Store but I always get an error "A problem...
  2. A

    New MI 11 Ultra permissions error with app

    I have Xiaomi 11 Ultra which is running on current stable rom (RKACNXM) When I try to setup my work profile with Blackberry UEM Client, it gives error as (1.)"Your device cannot be activated at this time. The google account could not be created. (2.) Before throwing this error, It...
  3. vlados

    MIUI 12.5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch problem

    Hello guys, I have Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800NZSAXAR) and every-time the connection is lost between the phone and the watch I need to open the Wear app and approve all the permissions. I already tried hard resetting
  4. N

    Invalid Security crashes when accessing permissions.

    I just made a clean install (format /data and wipe via TWRP) and flashed V11.0.5.0.PCXMIXM to my HMNote8T. When going to the Play Store it suggestes to update the Security app 3.8.8 > 3.9.8 (com.miui.securitycenter). However, afterwards when trying to access permissions, it will let the...
  5. LiranE

    How Can I Control The Built-in Permission Manager?

    Hello, I am using the last eu.miui on my Mi5. This OS unlike stock android is very strict and some apps features prevented to perform due to permission manager... Any best practices for workaround? No one else having no issued with no apps? Thanks,
  6. P

    Gallery Won't Open

    Hi all, after a ROM update I wiped the cache/dalvik so I needed to setup all the apps, etc. from scratch. The problem is that by mistake I did not confirm some permission asked by gallery (default gallery app) while first opening of the app. Now it won't allow me to enter the gallery (closes...
  7. I

    New Permissions Doesnt Have Borders

    Hi, Just that permissions doesnt have border. You have to look for yourself, cause because of your protection i cant post links.
  8. R

    New Allow Permission Does Not React

    Redmi 4 pro/prime (3gb snapdragon 625 version) 6.12.29 When I start an app I havent used before, it asks for permissions. I press the allow button, but this does not work. I have pressed all places of the button and around it, no reaction. The DENY button does works fine, only the ALLOW button...
  9. Dreyfuss

    Problems In Activating Application Permissions

    Hi; my mi5, 64gb, global developer rom, 6.11.10 beta, miui 8, presents this issue; when I try to switch the cursor to right - to give a permission - very often the touch doesn't work...please tell me Thanks
  10. V

    Mi4c Weather App Permission

    Hi all, I have installed the latest mi4c ROM (V8.0.5.0.LXKCNDG_V8-5.1). I am unable to set the default Weather app permission to access my location automatically. Once I open "Weather "app try to add location, press "Locate" it pops up a screen to go to settings and set a permission. But when i...
  11. _Sal_

    Google Apps

    I just got my new Mi4c from ********** and i have just installed: twrp-3.0.2-0-libra xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_6.10.20_v8-5.1 SuperSU Then, using the installed play store app, I started to installed google apps like Allo, Duo, Messenger, Hangouts, GMail, Photos, etc All of these apps, do not notify...