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  1. Palanthas

    New Redmi Note 7 4/64 Stable and Weekly Play Store "Server Error"

    Hello, After trying LineageOS which worked great but to be honest didn't impress me as much as MIUI, I decided to try out the weekly rom "xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote7_9.5.30_v10-9". It installed just fine but Play Store refuses to open giving me a Sever Error. I manually installed the latest apk from...
  2. B

    New Google Play Store Not Working

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum so please tell me if there is any missing information you need to know before being able to help me. I just bought a Redmi Note 5, unlocked it, installed " 9.5 stable" and enabled camera2api for a modded *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. Now, my Google Play Store won't open and...
  3. A

    New [redmi Pro] 8.3.8 Beta Weekly - Mi Remote

    Good day! I am unable to update the Mi Remote app installed on my phone, even when there is an update on the Play Store. I also tried to install the said update from other sources with no luck. The current Mi Remote (v4.5.7) cannot save the remote for my AC, but it can be powered on and off...
  4. K

    Play Store Under

    Hi guys... What about your experiences with the new release ? Maybe it is only a problem of my Mi4c.... after updating to actual release the play shop is starting but updating and downloading of installed and new apps failed... Someone else with same ? Regards Karsten
  5. D

    New Gapps Not Working

    Help! My Gapps (play store, gmail, youtube...) are not working anymore! I have a rooted xiaomi mi5 ( stable) It appears a message that say i don't have internet acces but other apps work fine :(
  6. WizardCat

    Miui Developer 7.3.30 Play Store: Waiting For Wifi

    This 7 steps can help you to solve problem with Play Store in MIUI developer 7.3.30 in Xiaomi Mi4C 1) Update your Play Store to the last version Play Store/Settings/ and tap on "Play Store version" 2) Remove all your Google Accounts Settings/Other account/Google/more/Remove account 3) Disable...
  7. M

    Play Store Update

    Why the play store doesn't show the new updates and everytime I must download the new updates separately from apkmirror, does this happen only for me or for everyone else?! Plz respond!
  8. M

    Play Store Error, Unable To Download Apps

    Hello everyone, 2 days I have a problem with play store: any app I try to download I returned the error 495. I've try various online guides with no success. I tried to completely reset the phone and ran for one day, until today where I resubmitted same mistake. I tried to delete data of the app...
  9. S

    Problems With Play Market

    Hi, i have some troubles with play market on ALL MIUI ROMS (,,, when i try to instal apk from play market which is heavier then 50 mb i have very slow speed (1mb/s). Is this normal for miui? P.S My internet connection is normal.
  10. T

    Playstore Fcs 6.8.25

    Hi, after flashing the latest update from xiaomi eu every time I try to start the Playstore it crashes. The error is: Google Play Services has stopped working. Ive already tried everything: - Factory Reset - Fastboot Rom - ... Of cause I am using the Open Gapps x86 64 package Someone...
  11. M

    Can't Download App Due To Google Playstore Failure

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and hipe you can help me out with my problem. I had problems with my play store crashing all the time so I had to agree on sending a report or cancel the pop-up window every few seconds. So i tried to feset the whole phone and reinstall the playstore, but it didn't...