Can't Download App Due To Google Playstore Failure

Mar 13, 2016
Hey everyone,
I'm new here and hipe you can help me out with my problem. I had problems with my play store crashing all the time so I had to agree on sending a report or cancel the pop-up window every few seconds. So i tried to feset the whole phone and reinstall the playstore, but it didn't help. So I installed another ROM. Now I've downloaded and installed the playstore again. No failure notices any more but I cannot dowload apps due to an error, and I've No clue how to fix it since I cannot find a similiar solved problem. Attached you can find a screenshot of the failure notice.
I hope you can help me!
Thank you very much.
- Marco -


Jul 7, 2013
Thanks for your help, I tried it several times, but it doesn't work.
Could it be that I used the wrong method to install the play store on MIUI 7?
I just searched for 'Google' in the MiMarket to install it.
I think you can sign out your google account then sign in again.

Hope this will fix the problem.

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May 2, 2013
Clear data for google play store app. Then reboot and wait few minutes after ypu do. I had same issue and after reboot the play store was working again.

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