1. T

    Processing photos POCO F3 third parties apps

    Hello comunity. I've just purcharsed a POCO F3 and I'm really pleased with the general performance of the terminal, except for just one thing, the MIUI stock ROM, which had a lot of bloatware, had an issue that's p****ng me a bit. When I try to take photos with apps whose have an integrated...
  2. SandmanRF

    Poco X3 NFC Black Screen of death the same day I bought it

    Hi, i just bought a Poco X3 NFC 128Gb, after 3 hours of use, you know, initial config, app downloading, sing in, etc. I put the phone into my pocket and five minutes later when i tried to unlock it, the phone was death, not responding to anything, i tried to connect charger but nothing happened...
  3. S

    Invalid Fail to play next songs on Poweramp everytime I clear memory on task manager

    I have my Pocophone F1 6GB Ram version (updated to current MIUI 11 Global 11.0.4) and have been using it for a month. Everything was good apart from this frustrating problem... I understood one way to prevent MIUI from closing background apps is to mark the "lock" icon from task manager. I...
  4. I

    Bank App error, safety net passed

    Hi, im trying to run the app 'Ruralvia Pay'. It's an app for make microtransactions here in spain. Currently runnig xiaomi.eu 11.0.5, no magisk. Safety net passed and root checker says theres no root on my pocophone. Other apps like Ibercaja Pay, who are the same but form a different bank work...
  5. mofeedooz

    stuck on boot logo after installation

    i have a poco f1 and i downloaded the miui 11 update file and i dirty flashed it in the recovery and ended up stuck at the logo i waited for a full 1 hour waiting for it to work but it doesnt ?? what did i do wrong ? how do you update your phone ?
  6. V

    .EU beta 10.5 to stable 10.4? (Dirty or clean flash?)

    Hi everyone. I have a pocophone, and as you know the support was cancelled. I'm still running the beta 9.6.something. So I want to move to stable. My question is: can I dirty flash?
  7. mofeedooz

    POCO OTA updates bug ?

    i have received an update but cant really download it from the settings i can only download the latest update from the site and flash via the recovery but that will just wipe my data right ? is there a way to update without losing anything ? just like the stock unrooted rom ?
  8. M

    Outlook ang Google calendar widgets connection drop on Poco 1

    I have Outlook calendar, Outlook email and Google calendar widgets on my homescreen. At least once a week they drop off all connections to servers and became blanco. They also stop responding and it's impossible to open Outlook or Google then. The only way to make widgets work is to reinstall...