Invalid Fail to play next songs on Poweramp everytime I clear memory on task manager


Sep 11, 2016
I have my Pocophone F1 6GB Ram version (updated to current MIUI 11 Global 11.0.4) and have been using it for a month. Everything was good apart from this frustrating problem...

I understood one way to prevent MIUI from closing background apps is to mark the "lock" icon from task manager. I always use this method on my older redmi phones like Redmi 3 and Redmi note 5 and I never found any issues at all.

Now I have this Pocophone. This locking method still works on most apps, apart from my music player app Poweramp unfortunately.

Everytime when I clear background memory from task manager halfway listening to music through Poweramp, Poweramp will still "open" and continue to play the current song until the end. Then it stops right after the current music is finished. Poweramp will then say it can't play any songs from my phone, even the app can still detect music on my phone storage.

To continue to play music from Poweramp I have to manually close down the app, then restart it again. Then same issues continue to happen whenever I clear background apps through task manager.

From what I'm guessing, it appears the task manager partially clears memory of opened apps even though the app has already been marked "locked". The taskmanger will not force closing the locked app, however it may have stupidly clears up the songs that has been queued up for play.

Have anyone come across this issues?


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We're not Poweramp devs though, and like you said, it's an issue specific to Poweramp...