1. C

    Mi Smart Compact Projector Horizontal Keystone

    Hi, I got Mi Smart Compact Projector Gen 1 and it doesn't have horizontal keystone but second gen does. Its is a software feature so, is there any way to add horizontal setting to first gen projector?
  2. miguelfernandes

    Is the XIAOMI Projector compatible with external Bluetooth speakers?

    Good evening everyone! I'm thinking of buying the 'Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector 120', but I'm wondering if it would be possible to connect external Bluetooth speakers to it. Every input is greatly appreciated, thank you! Best regards, Miguel Fernandes
  3. B

    MI 150" Projector B&W Chequered screen

    MI 150" Short throw Projector B&W Chequer Screen - Fixed (as advised by MI the Laser is misaligned Unplug. Remove the two small pieces of plastic either side of the slot at the back. Unscrew either side. Slide out the circuit board. Turn the projector over. Remove all the rubber covers. Unscrew...
  4. E

    Bluetooth Remote Doesn't Pair with the Projector

    Hi all. I have an issue with my projector received a few days ago. This is an ultra-short throw Xiaomi 150" projector with a Bluetooth remote controller. The first step to set up the projector is pairing the remote with the projector. There is a very simple instruction for that, put the...