qi charging problem

  1. M

    New [21.5.27] Mi 9 Wireless charging crashing constantly

    Issue occured after updating from Global stable to 20.12.28 and still occurs on 21.1.6. Whenever I charge my phone using original Xiaomi 20W Qi desk charger or 20W Qi car charger my phone stops charging after a few minutes, then restores charging after like one minute and whole process repeates...
  2. Gerry003

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S wireless charging stopped working

    Today my Mi Mix 2S stopped working wireless charging. The charging logo is not shown on the screen nore its loading when put on the charger pad (Nilkin pad). Line charging is working well. EU Rom 8.5.17 is running on the Mi MIX 2S smoothly. Has someone an idea to resolve this issue of no more...