1. P

    Phone shuts down on its own while battery is not drained.

    I don't really know if this problem is mainly due to the ROM, though I highly doubt it, or the device itself. I have a poco F3 and one week ago it started turning off randomly with the battery percentage usually at 40 to 50%. Sometimes when I turn the phone on, it goes back to the percentage...
  2. jafthebest

    System android draining battery, reboots and hangs

    MIUI 12, and battery drains fast. When you look at wich apps, system android is draining from 40-60% of the whole. Need help, please, as some times reboots, or passes from 70% battery level to 3%. Everithing seems ok, no problems detected with all battery apps or security apps
  3. S

    New random reboot on mix 2

    my mix 2 just got random reboots, like real reboot, and some just blackscreen with "find device closed unexpectedly". anyone pls help me ):
  4. E

    New Random rebooting mi8

    Hi guys. I've got a mi8 and I've been here and earlier on the forum. Also, I've got the most annoying problem I've ever seen - my phone can reboot itself after 1 minute of an activity or after 10 hours after hard working. So, here's my question - did I flash the Rom wrong or is it a soft...
  5. vinothManikkam

    Need Help Reg Xposed Module .. And Manual Focus In Camera

    1.Yester day i flash Miui8 6.9.22 global dev from this site , eveything works great . after flash xposed face many laging , some freezing and some time random reboots .. and also process not responding error first am tell what moules are am enable 1.flat style bar 2.flatstyle keyboard 3.miui...
  6. jesuslg123

    Mi4 Lte Ramdom Reboots [with Logs]

    Hi, I have Xiaomi Mi4 LTE with latest stable rom (7.3.2). Mi phone has an issue with the navigations buttons, sometimes just one of them is one (the right one). I am having ramdon reboots, always when the phone is on standby. After catch one of the reboots I have dump the logs and I...
  7. A

    New Phone Screen Turning Off Unexpectedly.

    I've been using's miui for many days now, an I like it very much. But one thing frustrates me very much. Many times the screen stops responding while playing games, while browsing, or while simply kept aside. And it turns off. Then the phone doesn't turn on.. I have to hold power...