Phone shuts down on its own while battery is not drained.

PoseidoN MS

Jan 3, 2023
I don't really know if this problem is mainly due to the ROM, though I highly doubt it, or the device itself. I have a poco F3 and one week ago it started turning off randomly with the battery percentage usually at 40 to 50%. Sometimes when I turn the phone on, it goes back to the percentage when it shut, and sometimes it gets all the way back to zero. I also feel like the battery indicator is not accurate at all. I was on the latest miui stable ROM for the poco F3, and I thought that was probably the issue but when yesterday I upgraded to hyperos the problem persisted.
So what could be causing this issue and how can I resolve it. Thanks in advance!
Such symptoms indicate a very bad condition of the battery. I had similar symptoms on other phones when the battery was very low.